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"Currently I own two wonderful jyotish softwares but they do not offer the predictive power that you are developing with Stock Compass and Vjyotish - I believe you are the one computer jyotish pioneer in this matter and I look forward to a long relationship with you. "

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha

The only bookmark on astrology you'll ever need

New York, USA
Author of "Ayurveda Encyclopedia"

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F.A.Q.- How to customize Vjyotish for personal birth-data


I have received my Vjyotish customization files from you. Now how should I proceed further to use Vjyotish for my own personal birth-data?


On receipt of your order, your Vjyotish customization files are processed for the ordered duration. These files are in the form of a self-extracting zip-archive/application (file extension will be ".exe"). This application is sent to you as attachment with our mail. However, some email accounts and mail-servers do not permit ".exe" file attachments and automatically delete them. Thus, we also up-load this application to our server, as a precautionary measure, and send you a link in our mail to download it directly from our server (in case - you do not receive any attachment with our mail). You may click on that link (or copy and paste that link into your browser's address line) to download your customization files from our server.

Your Vjyotish customization file will
normally remain on our server for next 7 days. It will be deleted thereafter due to server space constraints. Therefore, you must download it within 7 days.

Your program access code for Vjyotish (sent by us) is a 5 character long code. This code is also the name of your customization application. For example, suppose, your program access code (pcode) is "
S2024", then, the name of your Vjyotish customization application will be "S2024.exe". You will be sent "S2024.exe" in this case. Please remember that Vjyotish access code of each person will be unique, created by us. This code some times may also be the first five alphabets of your name. For example, if your name is "Scott Donovan", we may allot you the code "Scott" or "ScotD". 

Customizing Vjyotish for your own birth-data:

After downloading your Vjyotish customization files (which will be in the form of a application [.exe]), save it to your disk in a folder which you can remember (for example, "desktop" or "downloads" etc.). Run this customization application once. It will convert Vjyotish from a demo software to a customized astrology program for your own birth-data. That's all. 

(Remark: we recommend that you do not delete your Vjyotish customization application even after it's purpose is over. You should save it properly in a folder because you may need it in future also if you have to re-install Vjyotish, due to any reason.)

Please remember that the sent Vjyotish customization application is not “Vjyotish” itself. The sent application (for example - "S2024.exe") contains some data files only, processed for your own birth-data. When you double-click on your Vjyotish customization application (say - "S2024.exe), you will see following two screens, one after the another:


Click "OK" button


Click "Setup" button to extract your customized pre-processed  data files to the c:\vjyotish folder. 

When you click "Setup" button, it will install your customized pre-processed  data files and show a MS-DOS window with a message "Your personal data files installed successfully" thereafter. This MS-DOS message window will normally close thereafter by itself. If it does not close automatically, you may close it by clicking on it's close button (marked "X" on upper right hand corner of MS-DOS window).

(Note: After running the sent customization application once, you will find two new files added to your C:\vjyotish folder. These files will have names similar to your code, for example- "S2024.dbf" and "S2024.rsh".)

These data files will customize “Vjyotish” to your own natal-chart when you type your program access code in the opening screen of Vjyotish (see a screen shot below). The actual software, “Vjyotish”, has to be downloaded by you from our website. I hope, you have already downloaded the latest version of Vjyotish till now and got it installed. If you have not downloaded Vjyotish till now, or has an older version installed, kindly click here to download the latest version of the program. The program installation file is named "vjinstal.exe".

Vjyotish runs perfectly well on most versions of Windows. It has been tested on Windows-95, Windows-98, Windows-ME and Windows-XP Professional. However, it has not been tested on Windows-2000 or Windows-NT yet. It may give error on networked systems in certain circumstances. If you are facing some program installation problems, please click here for solutions.

Running customized Vjyotish for your own birth-data:

Now, suppose, your Vjyotish access code is "S2024". It is presumed that you have already installed Vjyotish till now. Click on Vjyotish shortcut/icon on your desktop or program-menu. If for any reason, Vjyotish shortcut/icon is not available on your desktop, run “vjyotish.exe” located in your C:\Vjyotish\  folder (i.e. C:\Vjyotish\Vjyotish.exe). In the opening screen (screen shot shown below), it will prompt you to type your program access code (pcode). Just type your program access code (for example- "S2024") and follow the simple menu and instructions, thereafter, appearing on your screen.

The Vjyotish opening screen asking for your program access code

Type your program access code in the input box - where "XXXXX" is written.

Note: The program access code is not case sensitive. You may write it in either upper or lower case. But, be careful while typing your code. Don't confuse a "0" (Zero) with alphabet "O" or vice-versa. In above example, the program access code is "S2024" (S 2 zero 24).

roblem solutions, which you may encounter occasionally:

You are unable to open/run the Vjyotish customization application that have been downloaded by you either from our server (by clicking on the download link sent by us in our mail) or you downloaded it as attachment sent with our mail.

Please click here for solution

You have downloaded Vjyotish and tried to run it but failed to run it on your machine.

Please click here for solution

We would strongly suggest you to visit “Frequently Asked Questions” section of our site. It will help you in better understanding of the product and guide you to the problem solutions, which you may encounter occasionally. If your problem is not solved even after browsing through this section or have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

How you can check that the Vjyotish has been properly customized for your birth-data?

You will view your birth-data and other relevant details (like geo-graphic coordinates etc.), considered by Vjyotish, written below your Vedic birth-chart which appears on the next screen when you type your personal Vjyotish access code in the program's opening screen. Please remember that a Vedic chart will altogether be different from a Western chart. If it shows your name and your birth-data, it means that Vjyotish has been customized properly.

For more details, please click here ...

Detailed information and instructions about Vjyotish:

For latest and detailed information about Vjyotish, please click here ...

Also read User's manual for detailed instructions to properly navigate through the program.

Reading material available in your own system:

When you install Vjyotish, a few MS-Word files (.doc) and text files also get copied to your C:\Vjyotish folder. They will provide you detailed information about the product. These files are:

* User’s manual for Vjyotish.doc
* Brochure of Vjyotish.doc
* ReadmeVJ.txt

A small request:

We shall really appreciate if you may please acknowledge the receipt of your customization files and proper customization of “Vjyotish”. We have a limited server space and thus it is a valuable resource for us. We have to delete old customization files regularly to make room for the new files. Your confirmation of receipt will allow us to delete your files from our server.

If it is not too much trouble, we shall also appreciate if you may also write down a few words about Vjyotish, like:

* How do you like the concept of "Vjyotish"?
* How helpful you find it in personal astrological guidance?
* Any improvements - you would like to suggest?

Please feel free to write as much or as little as you wish. Please write your views and suggestions directly to the author. If you wish to write about some installation or customization problem, we would suggest you to go through our check-list, before you write us your problem.

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