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Financial astrology

Indian Rupee (against U.S. Dollar)

This is a step ahead in financial astrology in which we use the "Quantification of astrology parameters" technique, along with all of its components,  as a tool to study the market behaviour. Several astrological principles are simultaneously integrated to gauge the benefic and malefic effects of each planet in a mundane horoscope. Their strength and inclinations during the daily transit is also calculated.

The following astrological index has been generated through Vjyotish astrology software (developed by us) using a time tested "mundane horoscope". To erect a reliable "mundane horoscope" (like for a Stock-exchange, country or  a corporation), we need to ascertain the birth details by casting several horoscopes for significant dates in the life of an entity. These dates could be the date of incorporation, the date of first transaction or the date of public offering, or launch of important product lines, or the date of signing a collaboration, etc. These different horoscopes are analyzed by us to ascertain which of these horoscopes signifies most of the important past events in the life of an entity and the astrological signatures closely correspond to the market behaviour in the past or the core competence of the corporation concerned

Same type of indexes can also be drawn for a particular person using his own horoscope. These indexes can forecast major turning points, in various aspects of a person's life.

Our financial astrology services are customized to meet your individual needs.  Contact us with your specific request today.

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The Vjyotish index for Indian Rupee (against U.S. Dollar)
  From:  April 01, 2002 to May 05, 2002  

Green bars of the index shows bullish trend while red bars in the index indicate bearish trend in the market.
Actual market behaviour may differ from the Vjyotish index by one or two days.
Experience shows that Vjyotish indexes are a great help in ascertaining market "turning points".

Read "How to interpret these index" section to understand the concept properly

Major turning point dates for the market:

Other observations and notes:


u Sponsor a financial astrology research project  t

Please read this disclaimer
Futures trading involves risk, is not for everyone, and only risk capital should be used. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. All of the information presented herein is the opinion of the author, who will not be held liable for the trading results of anyone who uses this information to trade an account.

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Financial astrology

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