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(via Hapur)

Currently, the most convenient and un-congested route for coming to Bulandshahr from Delhi, is via Hapur. Though this route is slightly longer (by about 15 kms) in comparison to normal route (viz via Greater Noida) but this road is very good through out and without any congestion. Thus, driving time is almost same or less as it would be from the shorter route. This route is almost straight. with very few turns, and thus less confusing.

From Connaught Place, the detailed driving directions for Bulandshahr are as follows:


Connaught place --> Barakhamba road --> Pragati Maidan. Turn left to Bhairon road from Pragati maidan and then turn right to get on to the Ring road.

Thereafter, drive about 2 - 3 kms on ring road and then, you have to turn left to cross over the Nizamuddin bridge and move towards Ghaziabad.

Note: While driving on this road, you will come across Indira Puram, Shipra Mall etc.


You have to drive exactly 20 kms straight after turning left towards the Nizamuddin bridge from ring road and to reach Ghaziabad.

BUT, you don't have to enter into Ghaziabad. This road is called NH-24 (Delhi-Lucknow Highway) and links Delhi to Lucknow. Thus, while driving on this road, you will mostly see kilometer stones showing distance of Lucknow/ Bareilly/ Moradabad.


When you will reach the kilometer stone showing Lucknow distance as 482 kms, there will be a Trade tax barrier/Checkpost at Vijaynagar with lots of standing trucks. Keep driving straight from here for another 2 or 3 kms. where, you will see a bi-furcating road. Here, you have to be Cautious.  


Now you will see an overhead road sign showing bifurcating two roads. The one going straight to Bareilly/Lucknow and another (left one) going to Ghaziabad/Aligarh/Bulandshahr.

Caution: Don't take the left road going to Bulandshahr. This route has very bad road later on. Therefore, keep driving straight on Lucknow/Bareilly highway (NH-24).

Note: If you set your car's odometer to ZERO at this point, following directions would be very helpful.

Note: This bi-furcation of road will be reached at approx. 20 Kms from Ring-road.

Odometer:  0 kms


The NH-24 will occasionally show you city names like Lucknow, Bareilly, Moradabad, Nainital, Rampur, Hapur etc. This is one and the same road and you have to remain on NH-24 only. This is a toll road and after driving 8.5 kms from this point, you will reach a toll gate.
Odometer:  8.5 kms


Drive another 13 kms on NH-24 and you will reach "Pilkhua", a small town.
Odometer:  21 kms


Drive another 8 kms on NH-24 and you will reach a point where a road would be seen on your left going towards "Hapur-city". BUT you have to drive straight towards Lucknow. DO NOT GO on road for Hapur city.

The Kilometer stone shows Lucknow's distance as 450 kms here.

Odometer:  29 kms


Now drive another 5 kms on NH-24. YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL HERE BECAUSE VITAL TURN FOR BULANDSHAHR WOULD BE APPROACHING. You will come across an overhead road sign showing "Left exit road" for Hapur and Bulandshahr. You have to exit from NH-24 at this exit point. Thus, take to the "Left-exit road".

The Kilometer stone shows Lucknow's distance as 445 kms here.

Odometer:  34 kms


The above mentioned exit road will come down and merge with Hapur-Bulandshahr road. You have to turn "RIGHT" on Hapur-BSR road. At merger point, however, you can not turn right straight away. You will have to move left (towards Hapur) for about 200 yards and then take "U-Turn" to return back towards Bulandshahr.
Odometer:  35 kms


Now you have to drive exactly 28 kms on Hapur-Bulandshahr road. You will reach a village called "Jainpur". The kilometer stone would show distance of Bulandshahr as 9 kms at this point. Here is a short-cut for coming directly to our place. After crossing the Jainpur village, you will find a comparatively small metallic road, on your left, bi-furcating at 45 degrees from the main road. This road is called "Kudwal-Tajpur road". Take to this road.
Odometer:  63 kms


Drive 5 kms on "Kudwal-Tajpur road" and you will reach a railway crossing.
Odometer:  68 kms


Pass this railway crossing and drive another 1 km. You will reach the destination:

"Prakriti Vihaar"
(Near Shivam lodge / Opp. L.I.C. Head-office)
D.M. Colony road, Bulandshahr

For any assistance, you may contact us
Odometer:  69 kms