Download Help
Feeling difficulty in downloading Vjyotish-exl or Stock-Compass?



Following are the common error messages which you may encounter sometimes while trying to download a program from any website:

Page not found !

If you are downloading it with a slow or un-reliable internet connection (like dial-up connection),  it is advisable that you download the file with the help of any download utility like "GetRight" or "GoZilla", which can resume a broken download.

Part of the file missing !
Not a Win32 application !

If you are having problems downloading the program, please just try it again. The program has been downloaded hundreds of times successfully from the same web-location, so it is probably just a temporary glitch with your or our ISP.

Every website goes on error sometimes, but for a short duration. Please click on following link to give it one more try to download the concerned program:




You may also try other download locations

Sometimes, your browser may show "Download complete" message showing 100% download, but when you try to run the just downloaded installer (vjinstal.exe or scinstal.exe),  it gives error - "Not a Win32 application".

This error occurs when size of the downloaded file is different (less) from the actual size of the file on our download server. When you use a slow internet connection, this problem usually occurs.

If you do not succeed in download after some tries, please contact us with problem details. If you are based in India, you may also write us to send the program on a CD at a very nominal charges, covering handling and shipment costs.

The sample screen (browser - "FireFox") when you start downloading Vjyotish installer:

When the download box opens, select the option - Save to Disk, as shown in this example.

Do not try to "Open" it on the website itself.