Vjyotish index

The Constitution and components

The constitution of a typical Vjyotish index

The optimum value of a Vjyotish index  is "zero". Astrological values generated by Vjyotish for any single date, may be either a 'negative' or 'positive' value. Vjyotish values are plotted as horizontal bars -- negative values on the left side and positive values on the right side of the index's vertical date axis. The vertical axis itself also represents the 'zero line', which also shows the date.

The maximum and minimum Vjyotish values, during the period under consideration, are shown at the top of the chart in horizontal position. Both these figures are same, except that, one is positive and other is negative. The negative figure is written on the left and positive one on the right side of this bar. These are self-generated astrological values by the program. Either of these figures must have been touched by the respective index during the period under consideration.



Vjyotish concept

The Innovation

Success examples