About the "Mundane charts"

The basis of Business Astrology forecasts

The financial astrology forecasts are made by using a time tested
"Mundane Horoscopes".


To erect a reliable "mundane horoscope" (like for a Stock-exchange, country or  a corporation), we need to ascertain the birth details of concerned entity by casting several horoscopes for significant dates in the life of that entity. These dates could be the date of incorporation, the date of first transaction or the date of public offering, or launch of important product lines, or the date of signing a collaboration, etc.

For metals, commodities and currencies, significant event dates and timings (usually the "First trade date and time") are used to cast a horoscope. For example, for forecasting the Gold, we may use the timings of the "First trade" which took place at London Metal Exchange (LME).

These different horoscopes are analyzed by us thoroughly to ascertain which of these horoscopes signifies most of the important past events in the life of an entity and the astrological signatures closely correspond to the market behaviour in the past or the core competence of the corporation concerned.


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