The personalized astrological planner 
telling you - How is your day today?

A pioneering concept of astrological net-effects for daily predictions by quantifying the key astrological parameters, giving the quantum, time and type of the expected results, in graphic format.

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Test Vjyotish for a past incident of your own life 
Free of cost and without any obligation

You can test a significant and unexpected event of your own life yourself through Vjyotish. To do it, you need to download and install Vjyotish first. Click here to download it now. It's a 2 MB file only.

After downloading (and installing) Vjyotish in your system, please come back again to this page to submit your birth-details. Also specify the 3 month period (from any year) during which a particular negative event has occurred (without telling the exact date of event). For example, if a serious mis-happening occurred on 12th July 1980, you may ask to test Vjyotish from 25th June 1980 to 24th Sept. 1980.

Experience shows that Vjyotish index values suddenly drops when a negative event is in the offing and increases during good periods. It has been tested hundreds of times. Results will be clearly visible if you are testing a “very negative event” of your life. Though, you can test a very positive event also (like a huge lottery win) - if you wish. You should test unexpected events only. Expected life-events (like marriage, birth of a child etc.) should not be tested.

After receiving your form, you will be sent Vjyotish data files, processed for your own horoscope, for the desired period of past 3 months. With these data files, and already installed Vjyotish, you will be able to check yourself whether Vjyotish data values had a sudden drop on exact date of traumatic event (+ or – one day error is permissible). Most probably, the Vjyotish values will be found highly negative. Even if the values were in positive zone on that date, it would be lowest on that date, having higher positive values on other surrounding dates. In any case, a clear bottom in index should be visible. If you are testing a positive event - Vjyotish values would most probably be found making a top on the date of event.

A humble request:

Please submit birth-details only if your ascendant is not on the border between two signs, where the time of birth is accurate, and there are significant events with a known date. Testing Vjyotish with the charts having borderline ascendants or where the time of birth is uncertain or where you are not very sure about the date of event - may be a futile exercise for you and us - both. Please do not submit such data.

Your personal identity and all other submitted information shall be kept strictly confidential

Please take your time when filling the form and re-check before submitting it to us. All fields are mandatory, except those marked otherwise.

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Your name has no bearing while casting a horoscope. Therefore, you can write any of your name (birth-name or currently popular name) 

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Date of Birth                                       For example, if you were born on 28th January 1954, write it here as 28-01-1954
Time of Birth (in 24 hrs. clock mode)   Give it as your country's / state's "Standard Time"


For example, if your time of birth is 5:00 a.m.
write it here as 05:00 hrs., but if your time of birth is 5:00 p.m. write it here as 17:00 hrs.

Time zone [not mandatory]

People born in India, ignore this.
This is the difference between the Zonal (local) Standard Time (ZST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). If you know it, please mention this difference. If you are not aware about it, you may leave it blank, we shall find it out ourselves.

  The Standard Time of the country (or state) is-

Ahead of GMT      by following hours:
  Behind GMT              
  I do not know (find it out yourself)
  I was born in India
Remark: Time Zone is usually a whole number of hours like 6 (USA Central Standard Time), 7 (USA Mountain Standard Time), 1 (Central European time). Indian Standard Time is  5:30 hrs. "ahead" of GMT while USA time zones are "behind" the GMT.

DST / Summer Time [not mandatory]

  People born in India, ignore this.
"Daylight Saving Time " (DST) or "Summer Time" is normally one hour in advance of local Standard Time, which is observed by certain countries for part of the year. During war time also, certain countries advanced their clocks for a particular period. If you were born when any of such change was effective and the clocks were showing a different time than your Country's usual Local Standard Time, mention this difference here.
  No such time change was effective when I was born
  DST / War time was effective.
         The difference of hours was: 
  I do not know (find it out yourself)
  I was born in India

  This difference is usually 1 hour. For example, in Northern America, Summer Time or DST is introduced from 02 a.m. of last Sunday in April and withdrawn from 02:00 a.m. of last Sunday in October, during which period clocks are advanced by one hour.

Place of birth
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I want to test Vjyotish results on a very un-pleasant and un-desirable incident of my life which occurred to me on a date which falls somewhere between the duration of following three months. I'm really curious to see whether Vjyotish can show sudden fall in my net astrological values on the exact date of the incident (+ or - one day permissible). 

Test period starts from - 

Test period ends on -       

You may write herein below any special instructions or queries about the program

How did you hear about us?
We shall be highly thankful for your input, in the following box, by letting us know- how you could find this page on the vast internet? For example - "Google search" (please write the search-term used); an astrology e-group (please write the name of the e-group); our link on some other site (please write the website's name). Your input will help us in reaching out to more people. We again thank you profusely for your input.

I understand that this trial offer is without any obligation on me of any kind.
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