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There is an ancient connection between the phonetics of Sanskrit, the mother of all languages, and the special constellations, called "Nakshatras", spanning the zodiac of Vedic Astrology, the mother of all predictive sciences. A nakshatra is made up of four equal divisions called "Padas" (or, "Charans"), divided over a period of approx. 24 hours. Normally a "nakshatra-pada" changes about every six hours. Each nakshatra pada/charan is associated with a particular sound syllable. The 27 nakshatras landmark the zodiac, giving a total of 108 nakshatra padas and corresponding sound syllables. These sounds which are "tantrik" in their source are considered auspicious and are believed to enhance (optimize) the "destiny" of the native through unfoldment of higher human potential. One's birth nakshatra is the constellation the Moon is posited at time of birth and plays an important role in determining one's personality make-up.

It is true that the hidden potential of a person can be activated for life by a particular cosmic sound that corresponds to an individual horoscope. Vedic-Indian astrology pioneers this art. Under Vedic system, every alphabet/ syllable is said to confirm to a definite pattern of sound ("Dhwani"). Vedic astrology suggests that certain patterns of sound are more in harmony with the instance of your birth. Alphabets/ syllables with friendly vibrations may be used for purposes such as choosing your own name, naming your business, a product, naming your house and even pets.

The initial sound of your name should normally begin with a particular syllable, which represents your Moon rashi-nakshatra and it's exact "Pada". However, if you do not find a suitable name starting with that particular syllable, you may alternatively choose initial sound-syllable from the group of syllables having the utmost harmony with your birth star. However, you should never choose initial sound-syllable for your name, which is passive, and is not in harmony with your birth star.

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