Know your Vedic (Sidereal) ascendant, tropical (Western) ascendant; the Vedic Moon-sign (Chandra-rashi); Janma-adyaakshar/ Janmaakshar (birth-syllable), Western Sun-sign etc.. etc., through program's "Free astro-utilities" section.  

In-built geographical coordinates database, consisting of almost all major cities of every country on this globe.

Highest degree of precision in Ascendants calculations:

Vjyotish-exl provides you highest degree of precision in ascendant (rising sign) calculations. The Vedic ascendant (Hindu rising sign or "Lagna") calculations are based on Chitrapakshiya (Lahiri) ayanamsa.

Simultaneous display of Sidereal ascendant and Tropical ascendant:

You are able to view the Sidereal ascendant (Vedic or Indian ascendant, also called "Lagna") and Tropical ascendant (the Western ascendant), both, on the same screen.

Simultaneously calculations of your Moon-sign (The Chandra-Rasi) also:

Along-with your ascendant, the program also displays your Vedic Moon-sign (Chandra-Rashi), which is the second most important factor after your ascendant in Hindu Jyotish. You also get to know your Western Sun-sign.

Janma-nakshtra (Birth-constellation) and it's "pada":
  You also come to know about your "Janma-nakshatra" (also called "Birth-star" or "Birth constellation"). Each "Nakshatra" is divided into four quarters, called "Pada". Program also displays the exact number of "Pada", in which you were born.

Also know your "Birth-name-syllable" as per Hindu traditions:

As per Vedic tradition, when a child is born, his/her "Birth-name-syllable" is calculated by a learned jyotishi (Hindu astrologer). This is called "Naamaakshara". This syllable/ phonetic sound is used for giving the new-born child his/her new name. Through this program, on the same screen, you can also know your "Birth-name sound" (syllable).   

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In-built global geographical coordinate database (atlas):

Program comes with huge in-built geographical coordinate database, consisting of almost all Indian and US cities and towns. Besides that, at least, capital city of every country on this globe is included in the atlas. Program also offers facility to enter and save the geographical coordinates of concerned place manually too.

Automatic adjustment of all timings according to the “Standard Time zone”:

Program picks up “Standard Time zone” (the difference from Greenwich Mean Time) and geographical coordinate of specified location automatically. All shown timings are adjusted accordingly. You have the facility to alter the time-zone values manually also, if needed.

Provision for “Day Light Saving Time” (DST) adjustments:

In some regions of the globe, watches are moved ahead by one hour during summer months. It is called 'Day-Light Saving Time'. The DST gets adjusted in all calculations of the concerned date.