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Exactly what you'll get delivered from us?

"Currently I own two wonderful jyotish softwares but they do not offer the predictive power that you are developing with Stock compass and Vjyotish - I believe you are the one computer jyotish pioneer in this matter and I look forward to a long relationship with you.

Swami Sadashiva Tirtha
New York, USA
(Author of "Ayurveda Encyclopedia")

When you buy "Stock Compass" on-line, normally we shall e-mail you a small zip archive only (which contains 2 compressed data files, processed for your own birth data). You will need to save and extract this zip archive to "C:\Vjyotish" folder on your hard drive. This folder is created by "Stock Compass" upon installation.

The "Stock Compass" software itself does not cost any thing. It is available for free download on our site. It will be a full working astrology software, but with the personal data files of a sample person. You can  evaluate all the features of this software before buying data files for your own horoscope. You will have to download this software from our site.

When you order "Stock Compass" on-line, in fact, you are ordering for processed data files for your horoscope to be used with "Stock Compass". It is presumed by us that you have already downloaded "Stock Compass" from our site and got it installed. 

The charges quoted at our website, for various Stock Compass modules, are structured according to the above mentioned delivery mode. However, if you need "Stock Compass" and your personal data files delivered on a C.D., the packing and forwarding charges will be levied extra on actual basis. Please ask us about the packing and forwarding charges before placing your order, if you need the complete software delivered on a C.D..

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