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Horse Racing Astrology
Our  astrological system, based on Hindu/ Vedic Astrology, has been developed after elaborate study and years of research and observations. It has remained quite successful in forecasting the probable winners in horse races.
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Astrology and horse racing have a relationship since ancient times. Horse racing is one of the greatest of sports in the world. It is the game of Kings or the King among all the games. The Race Course is a fashionable circle where prominent people meet together to have social contact. It is a meeting place for poor and rich alike. Millions are being lost year after year in this great game. Thousands are ruined with strict regularity. Is there any evil in this great game? There is a class of people who look upon racing as the Devils game where everyone comes to grief. Thousands of homes have been blasted on account of its lure. But the game still goes on. Are there any reasons for this sordid state of affairs?

Is it not, therefore, necessary to come to its rescue by giving proper guidance? In our opinion the evil lies only in the imperfect knowledge of racing in all its branches. Racing is as good a business as any other, and requires as much research, perseverance and method as in any other trade. We have, therefore, after elaborate study and years of research and observations, perfected an astrological system which may go a long way to counteract the evil effects of this game. We do not claim infallibility, but a serious attempt has been made in this field. We have worked hard on various theories and astrology principles as applied to Horse racing.

In racing skill is not confined to riding, but spotting of horses and their numbers which are valued in cash. Have we then any fool-proof system by which we can make some progress in our skill? Apparently not, as nearly 90% of the persons who flock to the Race course in search of money are mere mugs, ill-equipped and with insufficient knowledge, but boastful about their skill, perhaps based on some system. They are sometimes successful, but in the end they share the same fate like those who have gone before them. The remaining 10% are patient and shrewd, who armed with a fair amount of knowledge wait for the right opportunity, and put their skill to test. Ask these persons the question whether racing is good or bad. Their bulky pockets will immediately convince you that it is a good and profitable business.

There are persons in the world who live entirely on the income derived from racing. Many are enjoying small fortunes which they made entirely on racing.

Our system does not teach or help gambling in its bad meaning. The aim is to lay before those who have no knowledge of racing complete information which will open a new opportunity of making some profits on their investment. To all persons who are in a position to invest, our astrological services are presented. Before, however, they make any attempt to throw themselves in, they are earnestly requested to make a thorough study of our system, and after they have grasped the basic principles, they should proceed cautiously to put them to practical test. They should not jump to any hasty judgments but read the instructions given very carefully, and after they have weighted all pros and cons make their decisions and stick to them.

A wise investor who has studied our system will go about his business unaided, unprejudiced, but with sufficient knowledge which will bring him nearer to the inner working of nature. His patience, independence of mind and fixed determination will reward him in the long run.



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