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This is a step ahead in financial astrology in which we use the "Quantification of astrology parameters" technique, along with all of its components,  as a tool to study the market behaviour. Several astrological principles are simultaneously integrated to gauge the benefic and malefic effects of each planet in a time tested mundane horoscope.  The Vjyotish astrological index (see example below) provides indications about the important dates, when market behavior may suddenly change. Whenever there is a sudden quantum change in astrological values between any two dates, it has been observed that those dates generally turn out to be the market reversal-dates.

See report sample below

Report code:  TPBNF30D

The Vjyotish index for BANK NIFTY

Horoscope code: B12A1

Vjyotish TM index code: GR+H09+H12

Price for 30 calendar day's graphic-report

INR 2,500 USD $ 58

Report code:  TPBNF30D

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The market turning-dates are shown in the Vjyotish index without taking into consideration the non-trading days. Therefore, if a turning date shown above happens to be a non-trading day (like –- Saturday or Sunday), you may stretch that date to the next trading day.

It would be appropriate to remind that Vjyotish model of prediction has remained more accurate in identifying the “Turning points” (or "Reversal dates") of a market, instead of predicting its exact direction on daily basis. It means that market may change the direction on or around  indicated date. If it were going “UP” previously, it will start a descend from turning point date and if it was falling previously, it may start climbing after the date of indicated turning point.  

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I have been very impressed with the accuracy of the Vjyotish Dow Jones forecasts for the month of February! It has been very helpful to me in guiding my financial planning. Congratulations on work well done and thank you!
Conan Mishler, USA     ... Read full text