According to our shastras Yantra is a science which can be used through the five elements-earth, water, fire, sky and air and by recitation of mantras to control nature in one's own interest. Deities are worshiped in different forms and each form is linked to a yantra. Yantra uses signs and writings to remove a planet's malice effects and increase it's beneficial aspects. A bindu or zero is used to form various broad figures known as 'Yantras'.

A yantra can be drawn by anybody but it is fruitful only when energised by a 'sidh mantra'. It is drawn and energised on a piece of silver, copper, etc which is worn by the person. The yantra hence becomes the medium through which the invisible forces of energy act on an individual. The preparation of yantra is difficult process as there are many prescribed steps and rituals that have to be followed exactly. There are different divisions of yantras based on their use, as sharir yantras, dharan yantras, asan yantras, mandal yantras, puja yantras, chhatar yantras, darshan yantras. All the yantras given above are placed at different places according to their use i.e. they may be placed below a house, tied on a part of body, etc.

How To Write Yantra

A certain method must be followed while writing yantras. The sadhak must face certain direction and use different materials for different puposes. In this way the yantra used and recited are powerful and bestow the desired result. The lines of the figures are drawn in different directions according to the desired positive or negative results. The time or 'muhurat' to perform the yantra has a very important role. The time of day yantra is performed various according to the purpose of the yantra.

Materials Used In Yantra

There are many materials prescribed to write yantras such as camphor, barley, sandal, etc. The materials differ according to the purpose and planet to be aroused. But the most commonly used material is 'Ashat Gandha'. It comprises of 8 materials - agar, tagar, gorochan, kasturi, white chandan, sandoor, lal chandan and kesar.The powder of these materials is mixed together with holy water. Scent or rose water may also be used. The combination of 8 materials can vary to some extent.

Different Yantras And Their Uses

Yantras must be prepared according to prescribed rituals and instructions. Yantras may be worn around the neck, finger or placed at prescribed place and each has different effect as described below.

Shri Yantra : This is the most important yantra and is used to attain power, authority and financial success. It brings popularity to those already in power.

Bagala Mukti Yantra : It is useful to achieve success in competitive exams, law suits and provides protection against scars, operation, etc.

Kali Yantra : It bestows on the sadhak the fulfillment of desires, wealth and comforts of life. Also it provides guard against chronic diseases, misfortune and harmful effects of saturn that bring sorrow in human life.

Shri Bhairon Yantra : It brings good luck and bestows the sadhak with fulfillment of desires. It is effective for Vashi karan, maran and removal of poverty.

Saraswati Yantra : This yantra sharpens the intellect and ensures success in studies and high achievement in competitive examinations.

Shri Ganesh Yantra : The sadhak will be blessed with fulfillment of desires, achievement of his goals of securing wealth, power and authority.

Mrit Sanjivani Yantra : This yantra offers protection from all diseases bestows sadhak with wealth, good fortune, fame and happiness.

Mangal Yantra : It provides protection from accidents and enables speedy recovery from operation. It frees the sadhak from debts and cures blood pressure and rash temper.

Nava Graha Yantra : It is performed when a particular planet, or planets are positioned in a way that harms the individual's health, prosperity and peace of mind.

Karia Siddhi Yantra : It ensures one's well being and success in one's all endeavours.

Vashi Karan Yantra : It is used to win over the affections of one's lover.

Pandhara Yantra : It is used to get love of the person of opposite sex. Success is assured in gaining the affection of the concerned man or woman.

Kamakashya Yantra : The yantra is used for vashi karan of ladies of royal families or those connected with high status.

Subhagaya Vijay Yantra : This is highly auspicious yantra for the control for the ladies to win over members of the opposite sex.

Shanti Karan Yantra : This yantra includes cure of diseases and warding off the evil influences of planets, the evil eye and spirits.

Stambhan Yantra : Through this yantra a person can stop his/her enemies from bringing downfall or harm in anyway or by any means.

Videshan Yantra : This is used to create differences between two persons, husband wife, friends or brother. But this should be used only in self defence.

Uchchattan Yantra : This is best suited for uchchattan of a person.As the yantra is completed the enemy will face uchchattan.

Maran Yantra : This is a death inflicting yantra.

Practical Uses Of Yantras For Daily Life

The yantras can be used for fulfillment of some daily life causes as protection of a child, to win gambling, to remove stammering, to prevent abortions, to find a suitable match for a girl, to stop drinking habbit and many other daily causes.

1. For wealth and happiness, bhuvaneshwari yantra is performed.
2. For removal of poverty, prachand chandika yantra is performed.
3. For improvement of speech and promotion of music, matangi yantra is used.
4. For wealth,prosperity and fortune, kamala yantra is used.
5. To win law suits, beesi yantra is performed.
6. To acquire worldly objects, pandrah yantra is useful.
7. For good health, wealth, good fortune and fame,mahamritanje yantra is very useful.
8. For birth of son, mahammadan yantras can be used.

All yantras should be performed by or under guidance of some competent person and at the right time. It is highly recommended that the given yantras should be used for welfare of the mankind. The detailed process of performing these yantras are given in the book

Acknowledgements: 'Secrets of yantra,mantra and tantra' by Dr.L.R.Chawdhri