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Auspicious Dates for The Marriage - The Wedding Muhurtas
Sample Report
Sample Bride & Groom
Auspicious Dates for The Marriage


Thank you very much for trusting in my astrological services and giving me the opportunity to suggest you some good and auspicious dates within the selected duration of your choice for the marriage of the prospective couple.

Various factors are considered while finding auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates. It is quite a tedious process. There is no fixed formula to calculate an auspicious Muhurat for marriage rituals. Even Hindu sages had different viewpoints on some of the elements considered while selecting auspicious marriage dates. Hence one has to be careful and should analyze different opinions while calculating auspicious dates for marriage.

Further one needs to be practical while finding auspicious dates and should consider most significant elements and ignore less significant elements.

The following customized report, suggesting the auspicious dates for marriage, based on the birth-data of both the persons (bride & groom), is based on Vedic Jyotish principles, propounded by learned ancient seers of India. It has been prepared using the following birth-charts: 

Birth data of the Groom

Date of birth :

17 December 1989

Time of birth :

10:14  hrs  (ZST in 24 hrs format)

Place of birth :

Washington, DC, USA

Geo Coordinates:

038N53'42; 077W02'12


05:00 hrs behind GMT

Appl. DST:

00:00 hrs


Maghaa (Pada: 2)

Birth data of the Bride
Date of birth : 07 October 1987
Time of birth : 12:07 hrs  (ZST in 24 hrs forma)
Place of birth : Missoula, Montana, USA
Geo Coordinates: 046N52'19; 113W59'35
Z.S.T.: 07:00 hrs behind GMT
Appl. DST: 01:00 hrs
Nakshatra: Revati (Pada: 4)
Best possible auspicious dates to be searched between duration
From 1st April 2023  To  30th April 2023   [1 Month]
Following astronomical combinations are inimical to the bride and groom and are referred to as "Ghaat-Tithi" and "Ghaat-Nakshatra" in Vedic astrology. The days when any of the below written astronomical combinations are present, should be avoided for starting any new venture or any auspicious work, like marriage or house-warming ('Graha pravesh').

  For the Groom:

Tithis: 03-08-13 Nakshatra: Moola

For the Bride:

Tithis: 05-10-15 Nakshatra: Ashlesha


The Moon's transit in 8th house from the natal moon of the native, as well as in all Nakshatras constituting the sign(s) of 8th lord (Ashtmesh) from the natal Moon are called Chandraashtam transits. Learned Jyotish scholars have said that all Nakshatras, concerned with both the signs of 8th lord, should be entirely avoided, even if only part of the Nakshatra is a constituant of 8th lord's sign. These dates should be avoided for the auspicious works (like Marriage, Grah Pravesh etc). If auspicious activities are performed during such period, it will result in wastage of efforts, sorrow and illness etc.
For the Groom:
Chandraashtam Nakshatras: 
Moola, Poorvashadha, Uttarashadha, Poorva-Bhadrapad, Uttara-Bhadrapad, Reoti
12-Apr-2023 Moola ( 5th House from Natal Moon) (-1)
13-Apr-2023 Poorvashadha ( 5th House from Natal Moon) (-1)
14-Apr-2023 Uttarashadha ( 6th House from Natal Moon) (-1)

17-Apr-2023 Poorva-Bhadrapa ( 7th House from Natal Moon) (-1)
18-Apr-2023 Uttara-Bhadrapa *( 8th House from Natal Moon) (-3)
19-Apr-2023 Reoti *( 8th House from Natal Moon) (-3)
For the Bride:
Chandraashtam Nakshatras: 
Krittika, Rohini, Mrigshira, Chitraa, Swaati, Vishakha
07-Apr-2023 Chitraa *( 8th House from Natal Moon) (-3)
08-Apr-2023 Swaati *( 8th House from Natal Moon) (-3)
09-Apr-2023 Vishakha *( 8th House from Natal Moon) (-3)

22-Apr-2023 Krittika ( 3rd House from Natal Moon) (-1)
23-Apr-2023 Rohini ( 3rd House from Natal Moon) (-1)
24-Apr-2023 Mrigshira ( 3rd House from Natal Moon) (-1)
Amongst nine planets, Venus is the natural significator or ‘Naisargik Karaka’ for marriage as well as for the seventh house in our chart. It is the natural representative of one's marriage and spouse. Venus is also responsible for much of our sexual and romantic experience in this life. Thus condition of Venus in the Marriage Muhurta chart. If Venus is strong and healthy, without combustion, a healthy and harmonious marital life is promised. The native is endowed with marital happiness. When Venus is combust, problems in marital harmony may arise.

The state of combustion is one of the various sources of planetary weakness. Whenever a planet comes very near to the Sun, it is divested of its brightness (luster). The said state is called combustion. While in the state of combustion, the planets lack power to protect and promote the significations/houses ruled by them. If such a planet is weak on other accounts too, the significations ruled by them do not even take birth. The planets are said to be combust when they are within some specified degrees (which is fixed for every planet) on either side of the Sun in the chart. Nearer the Sun, combustion will increase in percentage terms. Higher the combustion percentage of the planet, weaker is the planet.
Venus combustion dates during the considered period:
Venus is not combust on any date during the considered period.
Ashadha Shukla Paksha Ekadashi is known as Devshayani Ekadashi or Hari Shayani Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu goes to sleep on this day and wakes up after four months on Prabodhini Ekadashi (Devutthana Ekadashi). Chaturmas, a holy period of four months in Hindu calendar, starts from this day. All auspicious works, including marriages, comes to stand still during this period of four months.

The Ekadashi Tithi of the Kartik Maas, Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the Moon) is called Devutthana Ekadashi or Prabodhini Ekadashi. The day marks the end of the four-month period of Chaturmas, a period during which Lord Vishnu remains in a state of Yogic sleep. All auspicious works can be performed thereafter.
Devshayani Ekadashi: 29th June 2023
Devutthana Ekadashi: 23rd November 2023
In the above table, various important Muhurta components has been considered, as prescribed by various learned Jyotish scholars, for fixing an auspicious marriage date for a given set of bride and groom.

The last column of the table shows the total of negative Muhurta components on a given date. The best Muhurta would be on a date when this column shows the negative Muhurta components total as "Zero". However, many times, you may find that not all the Muhurta components may be positive for long duration. In such a case, you may choose the next best possible Muhurta date(s) when this column shows the negative Muhurta components total as "One". But, take care that a date having value of more than "One" should be avoided for the marriage. Higher the value of this total, the concerned date would become more inauspicious for the purpose.

May Lord Jupiter's Grace Shine on the Couple !!

Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrology Counsellor)

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