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Business Suitability & Related Matters Report

Dear Mr. XYZ
Thank you very much for trusting in my astrological services and  giving me the opportunity to analyze your birth chart.

I have prepared this report for you on the basis of your Vedic birth-chart calculated for the following birth-data: 

Date of birth :

09 August 1981

Time of birth :

17:20 hrs (Zonal Standard Time in 24 hrs. format)

Place of birth :

Agra (UP), India (027N10'59; 078E01'00)
ZST:  5:30 hrs ahead of GMT Applicable Day Light Saving Time (DST):  0.00 hr

As per the above birth-data, your Vedic (sidereal) ascendant is Sagittarius ('Dhanu'), the Vedic Moon sign ('Rashi') is Scorpio ('Vrashchik') and Janma-nakshatra (birth-star) is Anuradha (pada-3). Please be reminded that do not confuse it with your tropical (Western) ascendant and tropical Moon-sign, which may be same or a sign higher (in your case, tropical ascendant is 'Capricorn').

Note: In this chart, 'True positions' of Rahu & Ketu have been considered. It may differ some times from 'Mean positions', which are used by some astrologers and software.

I must congratulate you for asking very specific questions which covers wide spectrum of issues concerning your business. I have analyzed your birth-chart through very sophisticated Vedic Jyotish techniques. I have avoided writing all the astrological details of logics applied to keep this report short and simple and to let you remain focused on the main issues only.

Q01:  You have written that you are presently doing or wish to enter into following businesses. Which of these businesses are more suitable for you?
a. Petrol pump
b. Export business - Handicrafts, mosaic lamps, hand made zardozi products, decoratives , fashion jewellery.
The Second house is the house of livelihood. It relates to earning capacity and our ability to provide for ourselves in life. Wealth & Property, Status, Fortune, financial condition, ability to acquire material resources, self acquisition are signified by Second house in general.

The Eleventh is the house of gains. It shows income or what brings us increase. Gain of money, accomplishments, income, prosperity, hopes, wishes, aspirations, ambitions, attainment of welfare etc. are signified by eleventh house.

The Ninth House is the prime house of grace, fortune, and luck, and gives sudden and unexpected gains in life. Those who win lotteries or races usually have good influences from this house.

The fifth house is 9th from the 9th house and therefore is another house of wealth and fortune. As such it shows our capacity to gain through speculation (like the stock market), how we can gain through our productions, creations, recreation, and imagination.

Therefore, to assess the suitability of various businesses or occupations, properly, we need to check 'Inclined Beneficence' of various planets towards above described houses in a horoscope. The 'Inclined Beneficence' is primarily based on relation of a planet with concerned houses, their lords and their dispositors. Planet's own dignity, exaltation and some other factors also affect the beneficence values.
Inclined Beneficence of 9 planets towards your Wealth & Fortune related houses:
          Houses :   2nd    5th    9th   11th   TOTAL
          Sun    :  54.1   62.1   45.4   41.6 = 203.33
          Moon   :  40.5   52.7   34.4   40.5 = 168.11
          Mars   :  41.5   59.2   34.1   31.1 = 165.94
          Mercury:  48.6   62.8   41.1   54.1 = 206.59
          Jupiter:  51.1   69.4   58.7   55.7 = 234.99
          Venus  :  47.6   50.4   33.9   49.6 = 181.60
          Saturn :  75.7   63.0   50.3   58.3 = 247.39
          Rahu   :  74.8   52.9   63.8   53.9 = 245.31
          Ketu   :  60.0   46.9   52.3   54.6 = 213.77

The ranking of various planets, based upon their inclination values towards Wealth & Fortune related houses, in declining order, are as follows:

Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter, Ketu, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Moon, Mars

Petrol pump is signified by Mars (Fuel) & Moon (Liquid). Handicrafts, decoratives, fashion jewellery etc comes under the domain of Venus. As you may see in above table that Mars is ranked lowest and Venus is at 7th rank among nine planets. These businesses will not give you wealth and prosperity.
Q02: I am planning to start a new business. City situated in which direction of India would suit me most for business purpose?
It really can make a difference where on the globe you live or work! Changing one’s locale can substantially change the prevailing conditions of one's life or career circumstances. The ancient tool of Vedic Jyotish can truly help a person in this matter.

Here-in-below, the "Directional strengths", "Directional beneficence" and the cardinal directions of various planets in your horoscope have been calculated as per "Fixed Zodiac System" ("Sthirachakra") as enunciated in Jyotish classic "Prashnamarga".
The cardinal directions of planets in your horoscope are as follows:
          Directions |  Posited planets
          EAST       :                                         
          SOUTH-EAST :  Mars
          SOUTH      :  Sun, Mercury, Venus, Rahu
          SOUTH-WEST :  Jupiter, Saturn
          WEST       :  Moon
          NORTH-WEST :                                         
          NORTH      :  Ketu
          NORTH-EAST :                                         
In the following table, "Directional strength" and "Directional beneficence", both, of each of the eight directions have been calculated by two separate methods simultaneously, for your birth chart. The first method involves calculation of "Direction strength" and the second method calculates "Accrued planetary beneficence" for each direction due to placement of various functional benefic and malefic planets.
                           Direction    | Accrued beneficence|  NET   |
                       %Share  Strength |   Value   Percent  | RESULT |
          EAST       : 15.356 [ 90.80%] |    0.00 [ 50.00%]  |  70.40%| 
          SOUTH-EAST : 11.573 [ 36.75%] | -186.32 [ 26.71%]  |  31.73%| 
          SOUTH      : 11.128 [ 30.39%] |  -31.56 [ 46.06%]  |  38.22%| 
          SOUTH-WEST : 14.688 [ 81.26%] | -213.57 [ 23.30%]  |  52.28%| 
          WEST       :  9.792 [ 11.32%] | -123.82 [ 34.52%]  |  22.92%| 
          NORTH-WEST : 13.798 [ 68.55%] |    0.00 [ 50.00%]  |  59.27%| 
          NORTH      : 12.240 [ 46.29%] |    0.68 [ 50.08%]  |  48.19%| 
          NORTH-EAST : 12.908 [ 55.83%] |    0.00 [ 50.00%]  |  52.91%| 

** N O T E **
The directions should be considered from your "Birth-place".

The beneficence values for various planets are reached after intricate calculations for a horoscope which takes into consideration several principles for determining the functional nature of different planets, as benefics and malefics, as told by sage Parashara, and the principles told in various streams of Vedic Jyotish to measure the exact nature of the planets. The importance of various astrological parameters have been calibrated very carefully - as told in ancient Vedic Jyotish texts. However, at times, some special Jyotish principles may over-shadow the net result obtained through the normally used Parashari principles to determine the beneficence of a planet. In such cases, these special principles have been found prevailing and they may reduce (or enhance) beneficence of a planet considerably. This report considers these special principles also.

In the first method, we have calculated the the "Directional strengths". The average share of each of the eight direction in "Directional strength" is 12.5% (i.e. 100/8 = 12.5%). If a direction gets higher share, its strength increases correspondingly and it becomes more beneficial for you. Directions receiving lesser share (less than 12.5%) should be avoided. Directions getting 12.5% share are just "Average in strength" (or, 50% strong). The above table shows both values, i.e., "Share%" and "Strength%". Both are inter-related. The strong directions (strength more than 50% in column "b") will yield success and prosperity to you. The results obtained through this method have been shown under columns (a) and (b) of the above table.

The second method measures "Directional beneficence" and is based on the principle found in Jyotish classic "Prashnamarg", which states that if a direction is otherwise strong and benefic planets are also associated with that direction, the prosperity knows no bounds for native in that direction. Through the second method, we have calculated the net planetary beneficence accumulated through various planets posited in that direction. The net "Directional beneficence" of each of the eight directions has been shown under column (c). The value range under this method is between -500 and +500. Thus a "zero" in column (c) is considered "Average Directional beneficence" (i.e., column "d" would show 50% beneficence) in this test. Higher positive values denote higher directional beneficence, and vice-versa. The directions, which accumulate high negative values, should be considered non-suitable and it will be very difficult for you to prosper in such directions. The results obtained through this method have been shown under columns (c) and (d) of the above table.

The conclusion is that the best suitable directions for you are those which are strong in “Directional strength” (above 50% in column "b") and also accumulate high positive values for "Directional beneficence" (above 50% in column "d"). Same way, the worst directions are those which are weak in “Directional strength” (below 50% in column "b") and also accumulate high negative values for "Directional beneficence" (below 50% in column "d").
The "Net result" of this whole analysis has been summarized under column "e"  Directions showing 50%, or above, under column "e", should be considered "auspicious" and vice-versa.

The best directions for you, in declining order, are as follows:
1. East
2. North-West
3. North-East
4. South-West

The directions should be considered from your "Birth-place". Even if you have to choose a street in your birth place itself, you will be more luckier on a street which is situated in your best direction. Therefore, if you have to buy a real estate, buy it in your strong directions only.

Q03: Which CITY or COUNTRY would be "Most Suitable" in my benefic direction?
In a benefic direction, as decided by above directional suitability analysis, there may be several cities/ countries. But, not all the places in that direction would remain equally suitable for you. To get the answer of this question, you will need Vedic astro-numerology based "Lucky Number analysis" also additionally.
You may view a sample report of Vedic astro-numerology report at following link:
Note: The Vedic astro-numerology report is not part of the present report. It has to be ordered seperately.

The cities and countries, which return one of the "Excellent" or "Good" categorized primary root numbers (indicated in your astro-numerology report) in their names and are also situated in your benefic direction, as told above, will remain more suitable for you than the cities and countries which, though, are situated in your benefic direction but are returning one of the "Poor" or "Worst" categorized primary root numbers in their name.

The Vedic astro-numerology report is neither based on your "Birth-date" nor on your "Sun-sign", as is usually done in popularly used Western numerology. Instead, it is based on the planetary configurations present in your birth-chart, and therefore, highly customized. It is quite different from Western numerology based reports in its approach. Though, planetary rulership through nine primary numbers and Chaldean (Kabbalistic) numeric equivalents to Roman alphabets are same. BUT, the similarity ends here. In Vedic numerology, we deal with numbers from one to nine, the seven luminaries, plus Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon.

The primary root number of not only your own name but your company name and brands are also very important indicators of your success. Even, the names of your employees, business associates and borrowers can give early warnings if compared against your own best and worst primary root numbers.

You may calculate primary root numbers of desired entity or City from the following Chaldean master table of numbers:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
J R L T N W    
Q   S   X      

Master table of Chaldean numerology

 Shown on the left is the master table of Chaldean numerology. Letters are assigned numeric values, from 1 to 8, based on their vibrational value (and not in the sequence of alphabets). The number 9 is considered "sacred" and is not assigned to any letter.


For example, primary root numbers of few cities have been calculated below:

      464211  = 18 = 9 (root number NINE)

      NEW YORK
      556 1722  = 28 = 1 (root number ONE)

      315 821531337  = 42 = 6 (root number SIX)
This way, you may calculate primary root number for name of any place or person with the help of above table.
Q04: Any indications for syllable suitability for my Company’s name or product’s name?
Under Vedic system, every syllable is said to confirm to a definite pattern of sound ('Dhwani'). Vedic astrology suggests that certain patterns of sound are more in harmony with the instance of your birth. Letters/ alphabets with friendly vibrations may be used for purposes such as choosing your own name, naming your business, a product, naming your house and even pets. The following syllables have the utmost harmony with your birth star.
          'Say', 'So', 'Daa', 'Dee'
          [As pronounced in: Sewagram, Somalia, Datia, Deesa]

          'Ke', 'Ko', 'Haa', 'Hee'
          [As pronounced in: Keti, Komilla, Hawai, Hissar]

          'Tee', 'Too', 'Tey', 'To'
          [As pronounced in: Teista, Tulsa, Tejpur, Toledo]

          'Naa', 'Nee', 'Noo', 'Nay'
          [As pronounced in: Nashville, Needham, Nuh, Newark]

          'Du', 'Tha', 'Jhaa', 'Un'
          [As pronounced in: Durg, Thane, Jharia, ........]

          'Hoo', 'Hay', 'Ho', 'Ddaa'
          [As pronounced in: Hooghly, Hayward, Hollywood, Dallas]
Try to choose a company/ firm name and/or product name which start from any of the above syllables and it’s name spelling returns a primary root number which is also categorized as "Excellent" or "Good" in your Vedic astro-numerology report.
Q05:  Whether it would be more appropriate to do business at home or nearby city or in a distant city?
The Fourth House is the house of home. It relates to the mother and to the domestic situation. The planet Moon signifies our mother and also home.

The Ninth house signifies long journeys and foreign travels, foreigners & foreign trade. The Twelfth house signifies Foreign connections and tie-ups; journeys to distant lands and life in foreign lands.

Thus 4th House and Moon, both represent "Mother Land". If fourth house is strong in Sarvaashtakvarga, unafflicted and its lord also strong and unafflicted; the Moon is also strong and properly placed - then, you will prosper in your home land or nearby cities. On the contrary, if your fourth house and its lord are afflicted; Moon is weak or afflicted, then you should consider moving to a distant place.
In your birth chart, fourth house is being aspected by Saturn. Saturn is not only a strong natural malefic but also the worst functional malefic in your chart, with lowest OFB value (-272.41). It has got moderate benefic points (29) in Sarvaashtakvarga.

The Fourth lord Jupiter is also posited with Saturn. However, saving grace is that Jupiter has got excellent Ashtakvarga status with 6 benefic points and that too in a contrutor's kakshya. It is posited in a strong sign having 33 Sarvaashtak points.

The Fourth lord Jupiter is aspecting 4th house, which is a protecting factor.
Now about the Moon. The status of Moon is not good in your birth chart. It is debilitated and posited in 12th house. The Twelfth is the house of loss & expense. It shows decrease, wastage and decay. We tend to lose or waste away the traits of the planets located in this house.

The Moon is also afflicted by the 3rd aspect of Saturn.
The inter-personal relationship of your 4th house and the Moon is also not very good.
Above analysis makes it very clear that you will do much better in your business if you are based in a distant place, away from your mother land (birth city) or your business mostly relates with clients who are either foreigners or from distant cities within India.
Q06:  Does partnership in the business suits me or I should do business all alone?
The Seventh house of a horoscope is well known as the house of the partner. For a company 7th house signifies business partners and Strategic alliances. If the 7th house is strong and unafflicted; 7th lord is not debilitated and not in association of malefics and placed in good houses, then only, native should think of business partnerships. Otherwise, a business done in partnership would end up in a disaster. Either business will suffer losses or partner will cheat the native.
In your birth-chart, 7th house is highly afflicted. Mars is posited in it and Saturn is aspecting it. There is no benefic aspects on the 7th House.

7th Lord (Mercury) is combust, posited in an inimical sign, in 8th house. 7th Lord is highly afflicted too without any benefic aspect.
Partnership will not suit you.
Q07:  If I have to choose a business partner, any notes about the "Cast" of the  partner?
The Mercury and Moon signifies caste “Vaishya” or persons coming from traditional business communities. Sun represents persons linked with Royal or administrative families (for example belonging to a Jamindar family or son of a Government officer etc). Mars signifies martial races or persons in police or military. Jupiter and Venus, both are Guru. They represent persons of "Brahmin" cast and/or persons coming from highly educated background or in spiritual field. Saturn represents persons belonging to Scheduled Castes and Tribes or coming from very poor family back-ground. Rahu represents foreigners and scavengers. Ketu represents persons of Muslim community.

You should opt to choose a partner who is represented by a planet which has excellent or good inclination towards your house of partnership. I have prepared the following table in which inclination of various planets towards your house of partnership is represented in percentage terms. 50% is average. Higher than 50% indicate good inclination and vice-versa.
Sun: 42% Mercury: 73% Saturn: 48%
Moon: 18% Jupiter: 56% Rahu: 55%
Mars: 54% Venus: 53% Ketu: 42%
You should avoid entering into partnerships with those personswho are  represented by such planets which have very low inclination towards your house of partnership in above table.
Q08: Can Jyotish also guide me about the suitability and unsuitability of castes of my employees?
The Sixth House in our horoscope represents employees, servants, inferiors, tenants and agents. I have already mentioned the "caste" of various planets in previous question.

You should employ a person who is represented by a planet which has excellent or good inclination towards your 6th house. I have prepared the following table in which inclination of various planets towards your 6th house is represented in percentage terms. 50% is average. Higher than 50% indicate good inclination and vice-versa.
Sun: 54% Mercury: 60% Saturn: 66%
Moon: 47% Jupiter: 61% Rahu: 54%
Mars: 54% Venus: 61% Ketu: 62%

You should avoid employing persons who are  represented by such planets which have very low inclination towards your house of sub-ordinates/ employees in the above table.

Q09:  Is it a proper time to venture into new businesses? If it is not a proper time now, them when should I start the new businesses?
You are currently under the Vimshottari period of Venus-Mars-Rahu.

Mahadasa of Venus started on 3rd Nov. 2012. Venus is your 6th and 11th lord and a functional malefic for you.

Antardasa of Mars started on 3rd Nov. 2018. Mars is your 5th and 12th Lord. Though it is your Panchmesh (considered good), but its overall placement in your chart is not good and will not give favourable results. It will last till 4th January 2020.

Pratyantardasa of Rahu started on 28th Nov 2018. Rahu is posited with 9th lord Sun and 10th Lord Mercury. Its Ashtakvarga status is also very good. Though posited in 8th house, it will normally give good results to you. Rahu Pratyantar will last till 31st January 2019.
Mars Antardasa will last till 4th January 2020. As I wrote you earlier that though Mars is your 5th Lord (considered good) but its overall placement in your chart is not good and will not give favourable results. Therefore you should not invest more to expand your existing business or start a new business during Mars's vimshottari period.

From 4th January 2020, Rahu Antardasa will start and will last till 3rd January 2023. As already written above, Rahu is posited with 9th lord Sun and 10th Lord Mercury. Its Ashtakvarga status is also very good. Though posited in 8th house, it will normally give good results to you.
This will be the perfect time to go into new business or expand your existing business.
Q10:  If property dealing suits me as a business – can you guide me that what type of properties should I deal more?
The Fourth House shows land and property, and our ability to acquire them. Quality of residence, Village, assets, landed and ancestral properties, Orchards etc. are also signified by this house.

On the other hand, planet Mars signifies property & buildings. Mars provides strength of taking risks. All courageous actions, using strength and will, forceful, violent, aggressive actions (litigations, arguments, combats, competitions, etc.), impulsive and rash actions are ruled by Mars.

Therefore, if the 4th house is strong and unafflicted; 4th lord is not debilitated and not in association of malefics and placed in good houses, then only, native should think of "Property dealing" as a business. Planet Mars should also be properly placed and strong to be successful in the business of real estate. Otherwise, dealing in real-estate business would end up in financial losses.
Your 4th house is being aspected by 3rd lord Saturn (which acts as 12th lord for the 4th house related matters). The 4th Lord Jupiter is posited in Hasta Nakshatra, lord of which is Moon. Moon owns 8th house in your birth-chart. The 8th house signifies defeat or insult, accidents, severe mental sorrow, blame, hindrances or obstructions, disappointments, misfortunes and all sorts of problems.
The inclined beneficence of Mars towards your Wealth & Fortune related houses (Second, Eleventh, Ninth & fifth houses) is lowest among the nine planets.
You should normally avoid dealing in real estate as a business. Though, you may get occasional profits in your good planetary periods but as soon as planetary periods of your functional malefics would commence, you may suffer huge losses in property dealings. Therefore, it is better that you avoid investing in real estate if you intend to sell it later on.

I hope, my analysis in this report helps you in taking some of those vital business decisions about which you might have been concerned. I will really appreciate your feedbacks in future about the effects felt by you due to adopting my above written recommendations & precautions.

Wishing you very best in your Business. May Goddess Lakshmi's grace shine on you !! 

Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)


Your Business Decisions Should Not Be An Accident of Fate

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