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SARVATOBHADRA CHAKRA Online Recorded Course [English]

Financial Astrology, Predicting Stocks, Gold, Silver & other metals, Commodities, Forex, Crypto Currencies, Sports, Horse races, Muhurta, Horary etc.

by Shyam S Kansal

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About Shyam S Kansal

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Shyam S Kansal will teach Vedic Astrology subject of "Sarvatobhadra Chakra", through online classes, in semi-live mode. The classes would be conducted with the help of 32 pre-recorded video classes and weekly doubt-clearing/ question-answer sessions. Each pre-recorded video class is of about 2 hrs duration which will also consist of ample reading material in the form of PDFs, and some times, Excel Spread Sheets too.

 Please note the following points:
a. There are two syllabus levels of the course. If you are new to Sarvatobhadra Chakra, you should start with the "Syllabus  Level-1".
b. However, if you are already conversant with the general principles of SBC, and wishes to learn its application in Financial astrology (Stock Markets, Commodities, Metals, Forex) and Sports astrology, Horse racing etc), then, you may directly enrol for the "Syllabus  Level-2" also.
The two hour long weekly Doubt-clearing/  Question-answer sessions would be conducted on the night (Indian Standard Time) of a fixed week day, in two sessions. The first session will be for the questions related to "Syllabus Level-1".  The second session will be for the questions related to "Syllabus Level-2".  See the details of Weekday and timings below.
Classes starting:

Registrations Open Always.

You may join the classes any time.
Number of Classes:

For Syllabus Level-1:    16

Duration of each recorded class:
For Syllabus Level-2:    16  About 2 hours
Weekly Live Doubt Clearing Sessions:

On Every Saturday

Note: Each Doubt Clearing Session will be in two parts. First part for Leve-1 students and Second part for Level-2 students.
Time for Level-1:

Not Applicable.

Available Any Time

Time for Level-2: Not Applicable. Available Any Time


Session Medium:

Zoom conferencing would be used to conduct the Weekly Live Doubt-clearing/  Question-answer sessions.

Pre-requisite: Given that it is an advanced topic, knowing and brushing up basics of Vedic astrology would be preferable and almost a prerequisite.
There are Two Modes - in which you may purchase this course.
[A] Learning in Semi Live Mode: Video recordings + PDFs + Weekly Live sessions.

[B] Learning with Video recordings & PDFs only [25% discount on Fees of mode-A]

[A] Course Fees for Learning in Semi Live Mode
[Video Recordings + PDFs + Weekly Live Doubt Clearing Sessions]

For Syllabus Level-1

INR 24,000   / USD $ 480

For Syllabus Level-2

INR 48,000 / USD $ 960

If fees for the both levels of the courses are being paid simultaneously

Indian Rs. 65,000

* Fee for the Complete Course *

USD $ 1,300

Note: If residing outside India, fees payable in U.S. Dollars only.

[B] Course Fees for Recordings & PDFs only
[Video Recordings + All concerned PDFs]

For Syllabus Level-1

INR 18,000   / USD $ 360

For Syllabus Level-2

INR 36,000 / USD $ 720

If fees for the both levels of the courses are being paid simultaneously

Indian Rs. 49,000

* Fee for the Complete Course *

USD $ 975

Note: If residing outside India, fees payable in U.S. Dollars only.
Video Recordings would be available for 365 days from the date of registration in the course

Modes of remitting the Payment

Send following details to us after payment:
1. Your name     2. email id       3. WhatsApp/ Mobile No.     4. Presently located at
5. Payment details/ Screenshot

Send the above details to shyaam.kansal@gmail.com

Course Description
* View Content Details of Each of the Class individually
* Read Course Reviews & Testimonials from Previous Learners

Introduction and Importance of Sarvatobhadra Chakra in Jyotish
The Basic elements of SBC -like, Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Rashi, Planets, Swara & Vyanjana etc.
Refresher/ Basic knowledge of Swara & Vyanjana (Vowels & Consonants) of Sanskrit/ Hindi Varnamala
How to construct the Sarvatobhadra Chakra?
The Special Vedhas in SBC
How to use Vedhas in SBC
Varnadi Panchak in SBC as per Birth chart or non-availability of birth chart, i.e. as per name
How to predict using Varnadi Panchak for natives, Cities and Celebrities
Use of Janm-Karmaadi Nakshatras and other Special Nakshatras in SBC
Determining Graha Latta in SBC and its effects on a person
The Combust Directions ("Ast Disha")
Using SBC for Muhurta (Electional Astrology)
Upagrahas, the sensitive points from Sun, to be avoided for any auspicious work
Use of SBC in naming of Business/Children etc.
Using SBC in Prashna Jyotish (Horary Astrology)
Using SBC in Yearly Predictions
Using SBC and Kota Chakra to determine outcome of War as well as the Elections and Native
Using SBC and Koorma Chakra in determining outcome of Countries predictions
Real life SBC case studies related to Celebrities, Terrorists, Cities, Buildings etc.
Other related important Chakras - like, Surya Kalanal chakra; Chandra Kalanal Chakra etc.


Introduction to Financial Astrology, How it works?
Why Technical and Fundamental analysis alone fail in predicting the markets?
History of Sarvatobhadra Chakra usage for Market Forecasting.
Sarvatobhadra Chakra and W.D. Gann, the legendary Astro Trader
Rules for Market Predictions through SBC.
 Differences in calculations & Vedhas when SBC is used for personal horoscopes & Market predictions
Special rules related to Vedhas when SBC is used for Financial astrology purposes
How to exactly quantify the Vedha effects numerically to reach at fruitful conclusions in Predictions
Determining the exact quantum of Bullish or Bearish effects on various markets, translating into possible price levels
Determining the Intraday price levels for various markets
Impact on commodities due to Vedhas by planets of various Nakshatras
Use of SBC in Stock Market predictions
Use of SBC in Forex Market predictions
Use of SBC in Metal market (Gold, Silver, Copper etc) predictions
Use of SBC in Commodities market predictions
Use of SBC in Sports predictions
Use of SBC in Horse races predictions
Real life SBC case studies related to Sporting events, Forex markets and other markets
Koorma Chakra - The most important supporting Chakra for SBC, with relevance to India
Measures and Remedies for Financial Success:
Knowing yourself - which day is lucky for you for trading?
Knowing which industry sectors would suit you on any given day?
Which Industry Sector will remain most profitable to you generally?
What Mantras you should recite for success in Speculation?
What Mantras you should recite for Creating Wealth?
What intraday time slots should be avoided to take major trading decisions?
What Colours should be worn to enhance your astrological strength?
Sitting in which direction(s) will increase your chances of being a winner astrologically?
What other astrological measures you may take to succeed in Stock market?
* View Content Details of Each of the Class individually
* Read Course Reviews & Testimonials from Previous Learners


About Shyam S Kansal

Testimonials from Vedic Jyotish Scholars

Shyam S Kansal is a Vedic Astrology Counsellor, based in Bulandshahr (U.P.), India, having experience in Vedic Astrology of more than three decades. He is considered an expert in Ashtakvarga system, Sarvatobhadra chakra and Panch Pakshi shastra. He is fascinated in discovering the forgotten secrets of Jyotish and in love with ancient scriptures. He believes in restoring the original spiritual roots to the science of Vedic astrology.

Hes also a trusted advisor to traders, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals who want to maximize peace, personal wealth and abundance of every kind in their lives. He has earned a vast array of practical experience and cutting-edge expertise to his work with innovative businesses and highly motivated individuals.
Shyam launched his Jyotish web-portal "howisyourdaytoday.com", in the year 2000. That was one of the very few astrology websites at that time. He has developed very comprehensive software on "Sarvatobhadra-chakra", which is the only one of it's kind till date on this highly complicated Swara-shastrabased subject. The "Sarvatobhadra-chakra" has always been shrouded in mystery due to its complexity. Most of the astrology softwares do not dare to touch this subject at all. A few have though tried to incorporate the very basic calculations and vedhas of Sarvatobhadra Chakra. Shyam's software have complete calculations,with all applicable parameters, as told in ancient Jyotish text "Narapatijayacharya". Further, he has also programmed the "Argha-kaand"section (the business astrology section) of Sarvatobhadr Chakra in it's entirety which is highly helpful for his team in making astonishing forecasts about future behaviour of various markets (stocks,commodities, metals, forex etc).

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