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About Shyam S Kansal

Shyam S Kansal will teach online Vedic Astrology classes on "Sarvatobhadra Chakra" starting on date mentioned below.
Classes starting:

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Number of Classes:


Duration:  1 hour 30 minutes
Classes Schedule:

Every Sunday


09:00 PM 10:30 PM IST

(10:30 AM 12:00 PM EST)


English + Hindi (mix)


Zoom conferencing would be used to conduct the classes.

Pre-requisite: Given that it is an advanced topic, knowing and brushing up basics of Vedic astrology would be preferable and almost a prerequisite.

Course Fees

USD $ 30 per class

(If residing outside India)

Indian Rs. 1,500 per class

(If residing in India)

If fee for the whole course is submitted in single installment

USD $ 395

* Fee for the Complete Course *

Indian Rs. 20,000

Modes of remitting the Payment

Send following details to us after payment:
1. Your name     2. email id       3. WhatsApp/ Mobile No.     4. Presently located at
5. Payment details/ Screenshot

Send the above details to shyaam.kansal@gmail.com

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About Shyam S Kansal

Testimonials from Vedic Jyotish Scholars

Shyam S Kansal is a Vedic Astrology Counsellor, based in Bulandshahr (U.P.), India, having experience in Vedic Astrology of more than three decades. He is considered an expert in Ashtakvarga system, Sarvatobhadra chakra and Panch Pakshi shastra. He is fascinated in discovering the forgotten secrets of Jyotish and in love with ancient scriptures. He believes in restoring the original spiritual roots to the science of Vedic astrology.

Hes also a trusted advisor to traders, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals who want to maximize peace, personal wealth and abundance of every kind in their lives. He has earned a vast array of practical experience and cutting-edge expertise to his work with innovative businesses and highly motivated individuals.
Shyam launched his Jyotish web-portal "howisyourdaytoday.com", in the year 2000. That was one of the very few astrology websites at that time. He is recognized and known all over the world through this website now. It has helped him in generating a satisfied client base in 65 countries. His clients span the globe and include many eminent persons from all walks of life. His specialty lies in the timing of events and birth-chart analysis concerning career, occupation and relationship related subtle issues.

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