The Deepawali Muhurta for Year 2017


Delhi, Ghaziabad, Bulandshahr, Meerut,
Aligarh and other nearby places

Calculated for geographic coordinates:

028N24'00; 077E51'00

Standard Time Zone: 05:30 hrs ahead of GMT

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The best time for Lakshmi Puja is during Pradosh Kaal when Sthir Lagna prevails. Sthir means fixed i.e. not moveable. If Lakshmi Puja is done during Sthir Lagna, Lakshmiji will stay in your home; hence this time is the best for Lakshmi Pujan. Vrishabha Lagna is considered as Sthir and mostly overlaps with Pradosh Kaal during Diwali festivity. Let us have a look at the stationary ascendants and the auspicious timing for the Diwali this year.

Here-in-below is the exact window for Shubh Lakshmi Puja timings for the specific location (and nearby towns). The Muhurat times contain Pradosh Kaal and Sthir Lagna while Amavasya is prevailing.

Amavasya Tithi begins at:

00:13 hrs on   19th October 2017 (Thursday)

Amavasya Tithi ends at:

00:42 hrs on   20th October 2017 (Friday)


Amavasya Tithi remains for almost complete 19th October 2017.

Therefore, Deepawali Puja should be performed on 19th October 2017 only.

Pradosh Kaal:

Lakshmi Puja should be done during Pradosh Kaal which starts after sunset and approximately lasts for 2 hours and 24 minutes. According to "Dharmsindhu", Pradosha is basically 6 ghatikas after sunset ( where each ghatika is 24 minutes, 24 * 6 = 144 minutes).

Sunset on 19th October 2017:

 at 17:41 hrs

Therefore, Pradosh Kaal:

From   17:41   to  20:05 hrs

All preparations of temple related to Puja, Rangoli, Deepdan etc should be done during Pradosh Kal. Additionally, it is considered auspicious to complete the work of sweets distribution during this time.

Also, the work of drawing of Swastika and writing Shub Labh on the doors should be done in this Muhurat time. Besides this, giving gift to the elders of the family and taking their blessings increases the auspiciousness in a personís life. Giving donations etc. at religious places during this period is considered favorable.

Sthir Lagna (Fixed Ascendants):

Kumbha (Aquarius):

From:   14:42 hrs   to  16:07 hrs

Vrasha (Taurus):

From:   19:11 hrs   to  21:02 hrs

Simha (Leo):

From:  01:41 hrs to  03:57 hrs  (during night between 19th/20th November 2017)

Chaughadia Muhurta and Rahu Kaal:

Though it is not very necessary to consider Chaughadiya Muhurat to perform Lakshmi Puja - as Chaughadiyas are normally considered for traveling. However, if possible try to consider Chaughadia also.

19 October 2017 [Thursday]

      1. Shubha: 06:26:03  to  07:50:26 hrs [Good]
      2. Roga  : 07:50:26  to  09:14:50 hrs [Bad ]
      3. Udwega: 09:14:50  to  10:39:13 hrs [Bad ]
      4. Chara : 10:39:13  to  12:03:36 hrs [Medm]
      5. Laabh : 12:03:36  to  13:27:59 hrs [Good]
      6. Amrita: 13:27:59  to  14:52:23 hrs [Bad ]#
      7. Kaala : 14:52:23  to  16:16:46 hrs [Bad ]
      8. Shubha: 16:16:46  to  17:41:09 hrs [Good]
      9. Amrita: 17:41:09  to  19:16:50 hrs [Good]
     10. Chara : 19:16:50  to  20:52:32 hrs [Medm]
     11. Roga  : 20:52:32  to  22:28:13 hrs [Bad ]
     12. Kaala : 22:28:13  to  00:03:55 hrs [Bad ]
     13. Laabh : 00:03:55  to  01:39:36 hrs [Good]
     14. Udwega: 01:39:36  to  03:15:17 hrs [Bad ]#
     15. Shubha: 03:15:17  to  04:50:59 hrs [Good]
     16. Amrita: 04:50:59  to  06:26:40 hrs [Good]

     # Rahu-kaal for day  : From 13:27:59 to 14:52:23 hrs
     # Rahu-kaal for night: From 01:39:36 to 03:15:17 hrs
     ~ Abhijit Muhurta: 11:39:36 to 12:27:36 hrs
The best time for Lakshmi Puja is during Pradosh Kaal when "Sthir Lagna" (Fixed ascendant) prevails. If good Chaughadia is also running, it becomes even more good.
During the day (for Puja in Office / Shop)

During this time duration, Kumbh Lagna (a fixed ascendant) will be available. Also, during this period, "Amrit Chaughadia" will  be operational. However, RahuKaal will also be there at the same time. But there is no option.

From 14:42 hrs to 14:52 hrs

During the night (for Puja at home)

During 1st time window, Pradosh kaal; Vrasha Lagna (a fixed ascendant); and "Amrit" chaughadias will be available. All three major muhurta requirements will be fulfilled. This is the "BEST MUHURTA".  During 2nd time window, Chaughadia will be "Chara".

From 19:11 hrs to 19:17 hrs (Best)
From 19:17 hrs to 20:05 hrs (2nd Best)

Note: We can also use "Venus-Hora" as an additional muhurta parameter. Venus is Laxmi. Therefore, if in a time duration, good Chaugharia, Fixed ascendant and Venus-Hora coincides, it will be the best Muhurta.
I wish you a very happy and prosperous Deepawali. May Goddess Lakshmi shower all her blessings on you in coming year.