Short notes of sincere appreciation
Which seems to be coming out direct from writer's heart !!

It is a collection of short notes of sincere appreciation  received by us over the years and culled from emails. The language and composition of these notes clearly indicate that these are not formal appreciation. Instead, a feeling immediately comes that words are directly coming out from writer's heart.

Dear Mr Shyam Kansal, Thank you for the reports. I am grateful that you have kindly obliged to spend your precious time at looking into the data provided and providing me with useful insights. And I am happy with the outcome as well. Once again, I thank you for your excellent, well analyzed, intellectual and thoughtful response. Regards,

Klang Selangor, Malaysia
(Mail dated: 7th March 2013)


Thank you so much for such an intense and meaningful report. I have read in past that we to have write our corrected numerological name on paper various time to increase the positive effect and to decrease the negative impact of previously used name.

.Saharanpur (U.P.), India
(Mail dated: 11th March 2013)







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