Notes of sincere appreciation about Vjyotish
Which seems to be coming out direct from writer's heart !!

It is a collection of short notes of sincere appreciation  received by us over the years and culled from emails. The language and composition of these notes clearly indicate that these are not formal appreciation. Instead, a feeling immediately comes that words are directly coming out from writer's heart.

Dear Mr. Shyam, Thank you very much! As I started to study the program I realize that there is a lot of useful data. You have done a perfect job by making this computer tools for Jyotish interpretation. I never saw such a tool before. 

Yekaterinburg, Russia
(Mail dated 1st March 2013)


Dear Shyam ji, I'm very impressed how thoroughly you explain things both on your website and also in your software. Everything is very systematically and clearly explained. 

Lodz, Poland
(Mail dated 10th February 2012)


Hi Shyam ji,Greetings. Thanks for the Vjotish-exl files. I received them and I should say its very exhaustive and unimaginable amount of analysis. I am looking forward for using them more often.Thanks and best wishes

Dallas (TX), USA
(Mail dated 16th January 2012)



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