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My experiences with your report on BSE Sensex turning points

Atul Gupta

Dear Sir

I have been using your Vjyotish generated astrology report on BSE-Sensex, since last 1 year. I use it as a trading opportunity and my buying and selling decisions are usually based on it. Till now, it has proved to be a great help for me.

For example,  sometime back, if you remember, there was a serious threat to Indian Government's stability because of the political opposition of India's nuclear agreement with USA. Your report, prepared many-many days in advance, was already showing reversal of bullish trend on those dates against the prevailing market sentiments which was too bullish at that time. Your Sensex report was clearly showing a sudden dip from positive to negative around those dates. Taking a cue from your report, I took the bold decision to offload my holdings. The next day, markets came down considerably and a bearish phase started thereafter. After few days, when your Sensex report was again showing sudden change in values from negative to positive,  I purchased all my stocks back just a day before that date (and actually some more). Amazingly, the market spurted the very next day. In fact, the BSE Sensex has gained 2500 pts till now since that date. Ultimately, I was a winner. I really made a fortune due to your report.

This was just one example. The most recent one. There are lots more like this.  I have been using your report from long time. It really helps me. My experience has been that it works out correct at least 7 times out of 10 while depicting sudden changes (trend reversals) for Indian Stock markets.

Your astrology reports are really helping me a lot in taking crucial and risky decisions in trading which I could not have taken otherwise.

I am also using your marvellous "Panchpakshi" report simultaneously. I have written my experiences with your panch-pakshi report separately.

Thanks & regards

1st October 2007


Atul Gupta



Model Basti, New Delhi


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