The Vjyotish index

A dynamic model for Financial Astrology predictions

A typical Vjyotish index looks like as follows:

The "Vjyotish Index" is a dynamic model for financial and commodity market's predictions, based on Vedic Astrology principles. The innovative is the 'concept' and 'method' of drawing a net astrological conclusion in precise numerical terms, called as 'net astrological effect', by mathematically quantifying various key astrological parameters. The method is unique in that it quantifies the benefic and malefic influences of each planet in precise unambiguous figures.

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It is also unique in that it combines the effects of different planets and houses and can integrate the effects of various planets with respect to each other. The program integrates natal promises of various planets in the concerned mundane horoscope with their transit status in a very simple and elegant manner. The innovation is in the 'way', in which several established Vedic astrology principles are simultaneously integrated to gauge the exact benefic and malefic effects of each planet in a mundane horoscope as well as in their daily transit.

Vjyotish concept

The Innovation

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