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Feedback on Vjyotish index behaviour in forecasting market trends
Conan Mishler on Vjyotish-index for Dow Jones

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Feedback received from

Conan Mishler, USA

Received on

1st March 2008

Conan Mishler resides in Portland, Oregon Area, USA and is deeply interested in Indian traditions and Vedic astrolology. He has visited India several times. He ordered Vjyotish index of  Dow Jones for two months only, initially. Thereafter, he placed repeat order for another six months. After few months, enthused by the results, he decided to place a big single order, for next five years and also decided to do some research on past data too. Thus, he placed a simultaneous order for past five years also (60 months future and 60 months past, total 120 months). This order was placed on 28th March 2008.

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Dear Shyam,

I have been very impressed with the accuracy of the Vjyotish Dow Jones daily forecasts for the month of February! It has been very helpful to me in guiding my financial planning. Congratulations on work well done and thank you!

I am very interested in purchasing the Dow Jones daily forecasts for the next 5 years (2008 - 2012, inclusive). I don't need (and don't even use) the fancy graphical monthly report format. I would be happy to receive the 5 years of predictions in the consolidated formats that you gave me for the 5 months of predictions. The simplified graphs of the consolidated report are just fine (and even preferable because the scale is consistent from month to month). I would also want the consolidated text file containing the actual numeric values of the daily predictions, which I can read into MS Excel.

Thank you so much for making this valuable service available.

Kind Regards,

Conan Mishler

Another feedback from Conan
received on 11th April 2008

Namaste Shyam,

Yes, I did receive your mail about "turning points." Thank you. The link you sent me was also helpful in interpreting vjyotish index values.

I have a feeling I am going to write a program to do some more sophisticated analysis in the near future (since my mind seems to be obsessed with the idea :-). It is clear that there is very useful predictive information in the vjyotish index; I just need to figure out how to interpret it properly. I have found some patterns in the 5 years of historical predictions, but I need to find more... or better yet, I need to write a computer program to find the patterns. I have access to a very powerful computer system with 8 very fast CPUs in it, so I might just write a script which forks 8 parallel processes to search for patterns in parallel. I'll let you know how it goes.



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