The Actual Market Behaviour

Experiences with the Vjyotish index

Though, the results has been very satisfactory with the Vjyotish index, but we still would like to caution that the actual market behavior may differ from the Vjyotish index by one day.

Please read the following points carefully:
There may be sudden turns in the market when there are extreme changes in Vjyotish index values. Watch out, specially, for extremely negative or positive dates in it. You might be looking at some very significant turning points of a market.  
If an indicated turning date fails to materialize and market continues it's course in the same direction - be very cautious. It may continue to move in that direction (whether ascending or descending) till the next indicated turning date is reached.
The results are more authentic, whenever, either negative or positive bars are shown continuously for a long stretch of time. Do not use this index, when flickering results are shown. Thicker the negative or positive patch in the Vjyotish index, the greater the probability is.  
Whenever, Vjyotish values move in a particular direction continuously, whether declining or increasing, the market is expected to remain in similar direction till a bottom or top in Vjyotish values is not reached. However, fall in Vjyotish values does not always mean fall in market -- instead, it may just be the reverse . Same caution should be applied when Vjyotish values are increasing.
If the period under consideration is smaller than a year (say, it's a 30 days index), it must be borne in the mind that it is simply showing a magnified "piece" from a broader picture (say for example - from a 365 days index). If we draw a 365 days index, these maximum and minimum values may altogether be different in that broader perspective. Then, the size of "negative" (left) and "positive" (right) horizontal bars in the index may considerably change due to their adjustments as per the new "maximum" and "minimum" values.

 However, the index pattern will remain the same. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the index of a large period to draw better conclusions.

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