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How to interpret the VJyotish indexes 
(financial astrology)

The concept of "Vjyotish Index" that we are introducing you, is like a projected balance sheet of the concerned market for the given period. Vedic astrology captures this balance sheet from time tested mundane horoscopes. By analyzing these indices, you can gauge the rising and falling trends of a market.

This is our humble effort to strip off astrology from all its alchemy and magical image to its proper place as any other modern liberal science and make astrology relevant for the new millennium.

What is a Vjyotish Index ?

A Vjyotish Index is drawn from the cumulative "net astrological effects" of 9 different planets - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu; and 12 houses- computed on the basis of the concerned mundane horoscope. Vedic astrology does not consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

We have calculated the "net effect" of each planet and house (algebraic sum of its positive and negative effects) for each day. The algebraic sum of net effect of relevant houses and planets (qualifying the parameters like - Lords of the relevant houses, Significator, Dasa lords, etc.) are summed for any given day which becomes the "Vjyotish index value" for that day. These positive and negative effects have been computed on the basis of ancient Vedic astrological principles and are unique for each horoscope. Vjyotish index is shown in the form of a bar-graph of the cumulative value of the daily net effect of required constituents. The bar-graph is plotted as horizontal bars on a vertical axis which represents the time period.

Note: Sometimes, a market index is drawn on the basis of a Western astrology principle. In that case, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. are also considered.

Constitution of a Vjyotish index:

The optimum value of a Vjyotish index  is "zero". Astrological values generated by Vjyotish for any single date, may be either a 'negative' or 'positive' value. Negative values are plotted as 'red horizontal bars' on the left side and positive values as 'green horizontal bars' on the right side of the index's vertical date axis. The vertical axis itself also represents the 'zero-line'.  

The concerned "Month" and "Year" are shown on the upper left-hand corner of the index, parallel to the starting date. "Date" itself is shown on the vertical axis of the index.

The maximum and minimum Vjyotish values, during the period under consideration, are shown at the top of the chart in a horizontal bar. Both these figures are same, except that, one is positive and other is negative. The negative figure is written on the left and positive one on the right side of this bar. These are self-generated astrological values by the program. Either of these figures must have been touched by the respective index during the period under consideration.

Please read "Background and technical explanation" for more information


If the period under consideration is smaller than a year (say, it's a 30 days index), it must be borne in the mind that it is simply showing a magnified "piece" from a broader picture (say for example - from a 365 days index).

If we draw a 365 days index, these maximum and minimum values may altogether be different in that broader perspective. Then, the size of "red" and "green" horizontal bars in the index may considerably change due to their adjustments as per the new "maximum" and "minimum" values. However, the index pattern will remain the same.

Therefore, it is always advisable to check the index of a large period to draw better conclusions.

Author's observations with the Vjyotish indexes

The author's personal observations with the Vjyotish indexes has gathered him some experience to use them more efficiently. It will be better to keep in mind the following points, while using VJyotish indexes:  

-     Vjyotish indexes gives excellent results while trying to find the "turning points" in a market. The author's experience shows that there are sudden turns in a particular market when there are extreme changes in Vjyotish index values. Watch out, specially, for extremely negative or positive dates in it. You might be looking at some very significant turning points of a market.

-       Actual market behaviour may differ from the Vjyotish index by one or two days.

-      The results are more authentic, whenever, either 'red' or 'green' bars are shown continuously for a long patch of time. Do not use the index, when flickering results are there in it. Thicker the "red" or "green" patch in the index, the greater the probability is.

-      Some times it has been observed that if the market fails to rise in the extremely "green period",  shown by the Vjyotish index, the market falls substantially thereafter at the end of this "green period". It makes the previous "green period" look like a peak when seen from a substantially low zone after a few days. Therefore, be cautious and expect a substantial fall if markets do not rise while Vjyotish values were quite positive.

VJyotish is simply a revolution in the utility of astrology beyond imagination. Some "best and unique uses" of real and meaningful astrology now possible. Unique astrological planner and 
guide on every step of your life. You can also get it prepared for your own horoscope.

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Let us re-define your perception of astrological guidance

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