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Financial astrology is an aid to technical analysis

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If a technical analyst could know the approx. dates of  "turning points" of the market, he could be a lethal trader. A good analyst knows the "support" and "resistance" levels of the market but he is never sure when they can be reached by the market. Financial astrology helps him in determining the approximate dates of these phenomenon. "Timing" of market movements can be best ascertained by astrology while the "quantum" of movement is better judged by technical analysis. Hence, both the systems are complimentary to each other.


Forecasts available for

Dow Jones, Nikkei etc.
(Performance of overall index, individual stocks and industry sectors)

Metal and minerals
Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Aluminium, Crude-oil and many more.

Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Cotton, Rice, Sugar, Ground-nut, Mustard (also, other oil-seeds), Menthol, Silk, Jute, Jeera,  Wheat,  Red-chillies, Black-pepper,  etc.

Currency pairs

U.S.Dollar / Indian Rupee
U.S.Dollar / Euro
U.S.Dollar / Jap. Yen
...  and many other pairs


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Financial Astrology