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Successful forecasts - 1996
Leading financial daily - "Business Standard" makes a joke of the forecasts

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Success story 1996



Between 12th November and 22nd November 1996, a forecast letter was sent to over 8,000  fund managers, portfolio managers, stock-brokers and Institutional investors, spread all over India, introducing our method of astrological analysis and prediction. Therein also was a set of predictions pertaining to the movement of leading pivotals on the Indian stock market for the period until 31st March 1997. A copy of this letter, anyhow, reached in the hands of Manas Chakravorty, correspondent of a leading financial newspaper, "Business Standard", published from Bombay. The poor journalist was totally ignorant about the mystique wisdom of our ancient seers who wrote "Argha-kaand" (Financial Astrology) chapters in Jyotish texts . The big-mouthed journalist  wrote an article based on this very letter at front page of  "Business Standard" published on 5th December 1996. The tone of the article was highly satirical in nature. Manas Chakravorty's article shows that how ill-informed new generation is about our ancient heritage of Vedic astrology. The author of this article had made a joke of Indian astrology itself.

However, the publication of Chakravorty's article (pasted below) in a a leading financial newspaper served the purpose of creating an irrefutable evidence that forecasts were not a tall claim in retrospect. That, all forecasts were made well in advance and that the author of forecasts was so confident about his astrological analysis that he publicized his forecasts at national level. He also collected the news cuttings from leading financial news papers for next few months to capture the mood of Indian bourses at the time of his making forecasts and to keep a proper record of actual happenings thereafter. Click here to see the list the events, in chronological order, to assess yourself what happened after the publication of this article.

We hope, Manas Chakravorty must have realized after few months of writing the above article that he should not have criticized a subject he didn't knew.
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