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Successful forecasts - 1996
Forecast letter sent to over 8000 stock-brokers and FIIs

Between 12th November and 22nd November 1996, we sent the following forecast letter to over 8,000 fund managers, portfolio managers, stockbrokers etc, all over India, introducing our method of analysis and prediction. Therein also was a set of astrological predictions pertaining to the movement of leading pivotals on the Indian stock market for the period until 31st March 1997. The letter was sent by Shyam S. Kansal, author of "Rishi" and "Vjyotish" astrology softwares, on his personal letter head. The concerned forecasts were obtained through "Vjyotish" software using the relevant mundane horoscopes.

That this is not a tall claim in retrospect is borne by the fact that a leading financial newspaper, "Business Standard" carried an article based on this very letter on the front page of its edition dated 5th December 1996. It must be mentioned that the tone of the article was highly satirical in nature, but that is not a matter of discussion here. Click here to read this article.

Scanned copy of the letter written on 12th November 1996




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Leading Bombay based financial newspaper, "Business Standard" carried a highly satirical article based on above letter on the front page of its edition dated 5th December 1996. Click here to read this article.

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