Want to pay us through Master-card?
We are again ACCEPTING Master-card
Though, you can still continue to do it via PayPal

Various payment options

Our default payment gate-way is now again accepting Master-card also

Why we were not able to accept Master-card during last few months?

We were accepting Master-card till recently. But, during past few months, the Master card imposed some conditions on merchants, which needed some time at the CCAvenue's end (our payment gateway based in India) to fulfill.

Thus, the CCAvenue (our default payment gateway), had temporarily suspended accepting the Master card. This problem persisted for past few months. Now all matters are sorted-out with Master-card and things are normal again.

We are again able to accept Master-card


All other cards are also being accepted by our default payment gateway (CCAvenue). 

Note: You may still use  "PayPal" for remittance, if you wish.

Is there any other way for paying you through my credit-card?
Yes, you may also pay through any of your internationally recognized credit-card via PayPal, The PayPal is an internationally recognized payment gateway. Please use our PayPal account to complete the payment process through any of your credit-card (including Master-card).

There are several other modes of payment also available