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Suitable Industry Sectors for you

Namaste Mr. Bansal

Thank you for trusting in my astrological services and providing me the opportunity to analyze your birth chart.

Through this report, I will measure suitability of various Industry sectors for you, based on astrological signatures present in your horoscope. It may be an extremely helpful document for you while making investment decisions in stock market.

I have received the following information from you and have used the same as a basis for all the mathematical calculations for casting your horoscope and interpreting the same to the best of my ability.


Rajdeep Bansal

Date of birth:

5th May 1975

Time of birth:

05:00 hrs
(24 hrs. format)

Standard Time Zone:
05:30 Hrs ahead of GMT
DST: 00:00 hrs

Place of birth:

Jalandhar (Punjab), India
031N19'00; 075E34'00

As per the above birth-data, your Vedic (sidereal) ascendant is Aries ('Mesh'), the Vedic Moon sign ('Rashi') is Aquarius ('Kumbha') and Janma-nakshatra (birth-star) is Shatbhisha (pada-1). Please be reminded that do not confuse it with your tropical (Western) ascendant and tropical Moon-sign, which may be same or a sign higher (in your case, tropical ascendant is 'Aries').

The Second house is the house of livelihood. It relates to earning capacity and our ability to provide for ourselves in life. Wealth & Property, Status, Fortune, financial condition, ability to acquire material resources, self acquisition are signified by Second house in general.

The Eleventh is the house of gains. It shows income or what brings us increase. Gain of money, accomplishments, income, prosperity, hopes, wishes, aspirations, ambitions, attainment of welfare etc. are signified by eleventh house.

The Ninth House is the prime house of grace, fortune, and luck, and gives sudden and unexpected gains in life. Those who win lotteries or races usually have good influences from this house.

The fifth house is 9th from the 9th house and therefore is another house of wealth and fortune. As such it shows our capacity to gain through speculation (like the stock market), how we can gain through our productions, creations, recreation, and imagination.

Therefore, to assess the investment suitability in various industry sectors, properly, we need to check 'Inclined Beneficence' of various planets towards above described houses in a horoscope. The 'Inclined Beneficence' is primarily based on relation of a planet with concerned houses, their lords and their dispositors. Planet's own dignity, exaltation and some other factors also affect the beneficence values.

Inclined Beneficence of planets towards Wealth & Fortune related houses:

          Houses :   2nd    5th    9th   11th   TOTAL
          Sun    :  50.9   54.7   71.4   63.4 = 240.44
          Moon   :  21.9   58.3   64.4   52.5 = 197.17
          Mars   :  40.5   61.2   68.9   58.6 = 229.18
          Mercury:  49.1   46.1   41.1   65.8 = 202.21
          Jupiter:  61.5   59.1   61.1   56.1 = 237.93
          Venus  :  45.9   41.7   47.4   53.2 = 188.20
          Saturn :  34.2   34.2   46.9   59.6 = 174.87
          Rahu   :  46.4   50.3   41.4   25.5 = 163.56
          Ketu   :  58.3   34.9   47.6   42.6 = 183.50

The ranking of various planets, based upon their inclination values towards Wealth & Fortune related houses, in declining order, are as follows:

Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Ketu, Saturn, Rahu,

Sun (Surya) is the 'Best inclined planet' for wealth generation in your
horoscope, while, Jupiter (Brihaspati/Guru) is the second best planet for
prosperity. The highest inclination value is 240.44 and lowest inclination
value is 163.56. Taking the highest value as 100% and lowest value as 0%,
the results have been divided into seven categories ..from 'Excellent' to

The 'Excellent', 'Good' and 'Fair' categories indicate positive, favourable and desirable results - in descending order respectively. The 'Average' represents moderate results. The 'Inadequate', 'Poor' or 'Worst' categories indicate negative, unfavourable and undesirable results in ascending order. Thus, 'Excellent' is most desirable and 'Worst' is most undesirable category. You should observe extreme prudence and caution with 'Poor' and 'Worst' categories.

In a horoscope, there may be more than one planet in a particular category. In the same way, it is not necssary that all 7 categories are represented in your horoscope. Some categories might remain vacant.

The Favourable & Unfavourable Industry Sectors for you:

Here-in-below is a comprehensive report which identifies suitability of various industry sectors for you, based on astrological signatures present in your birth-chart. Each industry sector is signified by one or more planets. This report will give you guidance about the industry sectors in which you should (or should not) make investments. You should select a stock which belongs to a suitable industry sector, categorized as 'Excellent' or 'Good'.

Excellent suitability [85.71% to 100% ]:

Industries controlled by Government (all Public Sector Units and
nationalized Banks), Gilt-edged securities, Copper related industries (eg:
Hindustan Copper, Sterlite), Drugs & Pharmaceuticals industries (eg:
Dr.Reddy's, Ranbaxy, Pfizer, Torrent, Wockhardt, Cipla, Sun Pharma etc.),
Health Care Industry, Manufacturers of lighting equipments, watches,, All
types of banking and financial institutions, Educational enterprises,
Aviation industry, Tin & Rubber industry, Gold ornaments manufacturers and

Good suitability [71.42% to 85.71%]:

Chemical industries (like: Tata Chemicals, United Phosphorous), detergents
(like: Nirma). Fertilizer industries (like: Chambal Fertilizer, Deepak
Fertilizer), Sheet metal industries, Welding Electrodes, Furnace making,
Electric equipment or products manufacturing industries, refractories,
foundaries, distilleries etc, all industries making arms, ammunition and
explosives, dealing in land, building construction and infra-structure
industries (eg: DLF, J.P. Associates, Unitech, L&T etc), All power
generating, distributing and trading firms (eg: JP Power, NTPC, Neyveli
Lignites etc.), Batteries manufacturers (eg: Exide), Meat plants,
butcheries, surgical goods manufacturers, Commercial vehicles
manufacturers, Tea & Coffee companies, Cigarettes & Tobacco industry,
Petrochemicals companies, Plastic processing industry.

Fair suitability [57.13% to 71.42%]:


Average suitability [42.84% to 57.13%]:

Milk & Milk products industries (eg: Cadbury), mineral water, fruit juices
etc., edible oils, Brewery (eg: Shaw Wallace) and all other types of
beverages (eg: CocaCola, Pepsi), Irrigation equipment manufacturing
industries (eg: Jain Irrigation, Finolex Pipes), Paper industry, Hotel
industry, Navigation & Shipping companies, Fishing & Aquaculture companies,
marine products, Departmental stores, Travel industry, Glass industry,
Sea-ports, sea-resorts,, Communication gazettes (like mobile phones)
manufacturing and distributing companies, Internet companies, Mass
communication and media companies (like: Zee TV, UTV, Channel-18 etc),
Printing and publishing companies, Newspapers, magazines, Courier
companies, Advertising Industry, FMCG, Herbal products manufacturers, Toy
Industry, Markets and Commercial centers.

Inadequate suitability [28.55% to 42.84%]:

Cosmetics and perfumes manufacturers (eg: Lakme, Ponds), Ladies garments,
all textile companies (like: Century Textiles, Bombay Dying etc.), Sugar
industry, luxury goods and status luxury vehicles manufacturers, Film,
Glamour and fashion industry, photograhic equipments and goods, Music and
musical instruments companies, costly clothes, Silks, ornaments,
Enterprises dealing in diamonds, gems and jewellery (eg: Geetanjali Gems,
Classic Diamonds etc.), Companies dealing with aluminum, zinc and silver
(eg: Hindalco, Nalco etc.).

Poor suitability [14.28% to 28.55%]:

Companies engaged in mining and under-ground exploration (like oil
exploration), Iron & Steel companies (like: SAIL, Tata Steel), Coal and
other minerals companies (like: Coal India, Sesa Goa), Cement companies
(like: ACC, Prism Cement), Leather, Shoes & Woolens industry, Insurance
companies, Manufacturers of agricultural equipments (like: Tractors),
Sanitary goods, Compressors, pump-sets.

Worst suitability [00.00% to 14.28%]:

Pesticides industries (like: Rallis India, Bayer, Monsanto India, Dhanuka
Agritec), Computer software firms working with strategic planning (like:
TCS, INFOSYS, Polaris, HCL etc.), Bio technology Industry.

The above industry sectors, categorized as 'Poor' and 'Worst', should be avoided by you as far as possible. These sectors will be harmful to your financial health and prosperity.


May Almighty's Grace shine on you !!

Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic astrologer)