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Satrajit Mukerjee

Birth-day report for year-2013, and 

Your "Sacred Birthday moment" for the year

Calculated for your location on birthday: Singapore City, Singapore


001N16'59; 103E51'00

Standard Time-zone: 08:00 hrs ahead of GMT

Dear Mr. Mukerjee

Thank you very much for trusting in my astrological services and providing me the opportunity to analyze your birth chart. As per our records, your birth-details are as follows:

Date of birth: October 22, 1959
Time of birth:
17:15 hrs
(Zonal Standard Time in 24 hrs. format)
Place of birth:
Calcutta (West Bengal), India 
022N32'00;  088E22'00
ZST:  5:30 hrs ahead of GMT
Applicable Day Light Saving Time (DST):   0.00 hrs.

As per the above birth-data, your Vedic (sidereal) ascendant is Aries ('Mesh'), the Vedic Moon sign ('Rashi') is Gemini ('Mithun') and Janma-nakshatra (birth-star) is Aardraa (pada-1). Please be reminded that do not confuse it with your tropical (Western) ascendant and tropical Moon-sign, which may be same or a sign higher (in your case, tropical ascendant is 'Taurus'). 

Your birthday is the most important day in your life every year. The exact time of one's Birthday is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment - and only that moment - in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when you were born. Such a moment constitutes an *event*, and as with all events, this one too is the basis for a horoscope of importance. 

You will be completing 54 yrs of age on your birthday in the year 2013 and will be entering in your 55th year. In this report, I will calculate the exact time of this 'Sacred Moment' when you will be entering in your 55th year. I will refer this very special moment as 'Birthday moment-2013' now onwards. It will be calculated for the exact place where you will be located on your 'Birthday-2013'. 

The Importance of the Birthday Moment:

Carl Jung said that 'Every moment of time has its own unique quality'. You would also want the 'quality' of the Birthday 'moment' to be special in a favorable way, especially since it becomes the horoscope for the year in that person's life. 

Given this premise, the individual is encouraged to enter the Birthday moment with a sense of reverence. The individual is encouraged to put some thought and effort into assuring that this moment is somehow empowered, infused, with an energy or thoughts consistent with what that individual would want to experience in the coming year.

What should one do at this moment? That of course is up to each individual (you). Obviously it would not be a favorable omen if you engaged in an argument, or sat home brooding, or went to work in an atmosphere of frustration or boredom. Such experiences at the time of your Birthday would likely set the foundation for your mind-set for the entire year - and it would be negative. 

The following ideas are intended only as suggestions. They take into account the premise that your Birthday is the most personally sacred of all days of the year for you. Therefore, going into the moment of a Birthday, you are advised to plan something special, something ideally that would 'empower' that moment for you. A ritual of some sort might be a good idea. 

For instance, you might take into account your location-to-be at that moment. Choose some place special, some place in which you are comfortable, happy, and in harmony with. Perhaps it is near a lake, ocean, river, or mountain. Perhaps it is on a beach or in a forest. Or, perhaps it is in a favorite room. 

Set the 'stage'. Perhaps you wish to have a candle burning, and/or music playing. Perhaps the direction you are facing (North, East, West or South - facing the Sun, or the Moon) has special meaning to you. Perhaps there are artifacts (i.e. pets, jewelry, stones) that have personal meaning, and you wish to display them in your 'circle.' Perhaps there is a special person whom you have decided to share this moment with. 

The setting (if effected) should be completely set at least ten minutes prior to the Birthday moment. As you enter the 10 minute time band leading into the Birthday moment, you may consider beginning a meditation. How one meditates is completely individualistic. Perhaps you prefer to just enter a very relaxed state. Perhaps you like to chant. Perhaps you use visualization or affirmation exercises. If the latter, then after achieving a state of relaxation, you might visualize the areas of interest coming up in the next year. In this visualization exercise, you might try to see yourself happy and successful in each situation. 

This meditation should last into - and slightly beyond - the Birthday moment. Once the moment has passed, and the meditation is complete, you are encouraged to give thanks. This may be done in the form of a prayer, or whatever form is sacred to you. In this way, you bring a gentle closure to the sacred moment which has just passed, a moment which has now become the foundation for the one-year cycle about to begin. 

You cannot be late for this moment. Otherwise, you might be symbolically late throughout the entire year. Do not take this moment in time lightly. Otherwise, all of your affairs may be symbolically taken lightly all year. The Birthday is best viewed in the spirit of a pilgrimage, or a mission. It is the most important 'holiday' of the year to you. It is the one time during the year that you are 'connected' to the Infinite through the special relationship of the Earth and Sun. It is a moment when you are potentially in tune with your destiny, which is signified by the Earth/Sun relationship. The Sun is what you are becoming (the future, your growth potential). The Earth is where you have incarnated (present, your being). Give it the reverence it is due. 

Difference between 'Annual Birthday chart' and 'Natal Birth-chart':

An "Annual Birthday chart" is calculated for the place - "Where You Are Currently Located On Your Birthday" in a particular year, instead of your "Place of Birth" (which is used for calculating your "Natal Birth-chart"). In a given year, you complete another year of your age at the exact moment when the Sun has the same longitude and zodiac sign as it had at the time of your birth and it happens once each year either the same day, or the day before or the day after your date of birth. This is your true Astrological Birthday & time for a particular year. As you will see below this astrological time is a sacred annual event for each individual. Therefore, 'Birth-day chart' is calculated for a time when Sun's longitudes matches with that of your natal Sun's longitudes. These are the main differences between a "Natal Birth-chart" and an "Annual Birth-day chart" (also called "Solar Return Chart"). Your annual birthday forecast report is interpreted based on your Natal Horoscope Chart and the Solar Return Chart, both. 

Your sacred birthday moment during year-2013:

As already mentioned above, the Sun may return to its birth position the day before or after your actual date of birth. Therefore, a difference of one day is not uncommon. However, you can see that the position (longitudes) of the Sun, is almost same in natal chart and the Birthday chart. 

At the time of your birth, the Sun was at 05:01:38 degrees in Libra ('Tula') sign as per the sidereal (Vedic) calculations. Do not confuse it with your tropical (Western) Sun-sign which may be same or a sign higher. 

As per information provided, your current location is Singapore, Singapore [001N16'59; 103E51'00], Standard Time Zone: 08:00 hrs. ahead of GMT. The time-zone (TZ) of your current location is different from TZ of your birth-place (which was, 05:30 hrs. ahead of GMT, DST: 0.00 hrs). 

(a) Birthday moment-2013 at your birth-place itself:

If you would have been located at your birth-place (Calcutta) itself, the exact 'Birthday moment-2013' or starting moment of your 'Age year 55' would have commenced on 22 October 2013 (Tuesday) at 13:29:45 Hrs (IST). 

However, you are currently based at Singapore, Singapore, located in a different time-zone. Thus, you require Time-zone adjustments to arrive at correct local time for birthday moment.

(b) -> at Singapore, Singapore - without DST:

Standard Time Zone (without any DST) of your current location (Singapore, Singapore) is 08:00 hrs. ahead of GMT, while the Standard Time Zone of your birth place (also without any DST) is 05:30 hrs. ahead of GMT. Difference of 02:30 hrs exists between two time zones. Standard Time of your current
location is ahead of your birth-place's time zone by 02:30 hrs. 

Thus, supposing, DST is not applicable at both the places on your birth-day this year, your new year would start, as per your current location's clocks, exactly at 15:59:45 hrs on 22 October 2013. 

(c) -> at Singapore, Singapore - If DST is applicable:

However, if 'Day Light Saving Time' (DST) is applicable at your current location, Singapore, Singapore, around your birth-day, your new year will start at 16:59:45 hrs on 22 October 2013 due to advancing of clocks by 1:00 hour. 

Overall Assessment of the year based on Muntha and Muntha Lord

(a) The concept of Progressed Ascendant or Muntha in Varsha Phal chart:

Muntha is a unique vedic astrological concept which looks at its placement in the various houses of Varsha Phal chart and its impact. The birth ascendant in natal chart is supposed to move or progress to the next Zodiac sign every year from the natal zodiac sign. This is called Progressed Ascendant in Western astrology, and "Muntha" in Varsha Phal. Muntha plays a crucial role in the analysis of Varsha Phal chart, as Birth ascendant or "Janma Lagna" plays a crucial role in analysis of natal chart. Muntha decides the quality of luck to be enjoyed during a particular birth year. 

It is important to remember that the Varsha Phal chart will also have an ascendant like the natal chart based on the exact eastern horizon in our natal birthplace at the time of exact solar return moment on this year’s birthday. The Muntha actually forms the link between Varsha Phal chart and the Natal chart. In this way the Varsha Phal chart analysis synthesize the impact of natal chart for this year in our life. 

The Muntha is the most significant point in the Varsha Phal chart. It is located in Lagna at the time of birth. Each year the Muntha progresses by one zodiac sign (Rashi). Thus, when the second year of life begins, the Muntha has progressed in the sign falling in the second house from the birth ascendant and so on. This is why Muntha is called the 'Progressed Ascendant'. 

(b) Effect of Muntha in House:

The Muntha is placed in 10th house (sign Libra) of the annual chart . The general indications of this placement are - Help from Government, success in every work, successful environment, charitable activities, increase in fame and name, commencement of profitable work, blessings of preceptors, progress in employment, accruing income and wealth, all round progress in different activities. 

(c) Effect of Lord of Muntha in house:

The lord of the sign in which the Muntha is located is called the Muntha Lord (or, "Munthesh"). In the annual chart, the muntha lord yields desirable or adverse results according to its location, strength, and other planetary influences on it. The results accruing from the Muntha Lord depending on its location are briefly described below. 

The Muntha Lord Venus is posited in 11th house (sign Scorpio) of the annual chart. The general indications of this placement are - Augmenting good income, promotions, help from younger brothers sisters or children, all kinds of prosperity and acquaintances of good people. 

(d)The results for planetary influences on Muntha

(Muntha is in 10th house)

The effects of aspects and conjunctions of planets on Muntha causes their influence on Muntha. In the current Varsh-chart, following planetary influences on Muntha are present: 

Sun is conjunt with the Muntha, being posited in same house. It's general effect will be - Respect in society, favour from government, improvement in business, gain of wealth, formation of 'Dhan yoga', progress in employment, fame and name, victory over enemies, pilgrimages being undertaken and victory in political activities. 

Mercury is conjunt with the Muntha, being posited in same house. It's general effect will be - Improvement in business, happiness and joy in the entire family, students getting through examinations, gainful employment,
help of income to unemployed, all round fame and name. 

However if Mercury is afflicted, dangerous and painful bodily troubles and undesired results are foreseen. 

Jupiter is aspecting the Muntha. It's general effect will be - Auspicious events at home, family happiness, prosperity of wife and children, unmarried getting married, birth of a child (if expecting), acquisition of
good and tasty food, glorious life, availability of valuables, jewellery and gem stones. 

Saturn is conjunt with the Muntha, being posited in same house. It's general effect will be - Blood disorder, intensity in disease, mental problems, disappointments, undesirable activities, loss of wealth. If Saturn is aspected or associated with Jupiter, then the bad effects are mitigated. If however Mars has relation with Muntha or Saturn the intensity of bad effects increases. 

Rahu is conjunt with the Muntha, being posited in same house. Rahu gives good effect during the first half of the year. and the bad effects of Rahu could be seen during the second part of the year. In general Rahu would give the effects such as - loss in business, and loss of wealth due to ingratitude on the part of a near relative. 

Ketu is aspecting the Muntha. Ketu gives good effect during the second half of the year. and the bad effects of Ketu could be seen during the first part of the year. In general Ketu would give the effects such as loss in
business, and loss of wealth due to ingratitude on the part of a near relative. 

Assessment of the year based on Solar Return Ascendant:

Solar Return Ascendant is in Capricorn. 

During this year you will be more focused on your ambitions and goals. You will give more consideration to your financial situation. You will also be inclined to look seriously at the work you do. If you are not completely satisfied with it, you will start looking around for something you like better - one that gives you more responsibility and rewards for your efforts. This could be the year you get a promotion as your superior will see you as a more conscientious and productive employee. Thanks to your conscientious and continuous effort you can achieve everything that you set out to do, but don't expect it all to come easy. Saturn ruling this year forces you more than ever to face reality and your own limitations. If by nature you are not very practical or ambitious, you will have to try harder to make that impression on those in authority and to convince them that you do indeed deserve the respect you are seeking. On the other hand, if you are already hard-working and fairly ambitious, this could be your year to jump up the ladder. In either case, you will have the opportunity to change your life in some significant way. 

Maturing is the key for this year. You will feel your needs changing, and in spite of an inner resistance, a part of you wants to take on new responsibilities and forge ahead. You probably won't see the entire picture all at once, but it is probable that whatever you undertake now will bring you satisfaction for a long time to come. Now is the time to make the effort and to even sacrifice in order to realize your most important goals. You will probably not get a lot of help from others unless you are willing to do the work. 

Others will notice the dedication you are making. They will recognize that you are serious and respond to you in like fas

This influence could bring some problems with your bones and joints. It would be a good time to have your teeth checked and also to pay more attention to the care of your skin, fingernails and hair. Be sure to eat foods that are rich in minerals. There is also a possibility that your new-found ambition could cause you to over-work and become run down, which could result in depression or frustration. 

During this period you could be so busy and absorbed with your ambitions that you tend to overlook your emotions. You may become more aloof and not have as much time for socializing. As a consequence, your friends and acquaintances may back away from you, not understanding your new attitude. It is important to allow adequate time for others and not get completely caught up in yourself and your projects. When this year is over, you would not want to find yourself alone. You might attract Cancer-type persons who could be most beneficial to you now as they may offer you understanding, protection, and support in your endeavors. This year does not leave much time for romance, love and adventure. You will be looking for people who can be your friend and understand the efforts you are making to improve your position in life and earn more money. 

Seek blessings of Varsh-Nakshatra's Lord & Deity - (for Year 2013)

At the starting moment of your 'Age year 55'(Varsh Pravesh), the Moon will be situated in Rohini nakshatra. The lord of Rohini is Moon (Chandra). Rohini is ruled by Brahma (or, Prajapati), the Creator. You should recite following Mantra to propiate ruling deity of Rohini to seek blessings of Varsh Nakshatra deity of your Age year 55. 

'Om Prajapataye Namah' - to be recited 108 times. 

A Mantra is manifestation of God in the form of those sounds. Mantras must be chanted or recited with unwavering devotion and motivation. Chanting them as a matter-of-course deprives them of power and is practically useless from the point of view of conscious growth, evolution and effect. For more information, you may visit following page: 

While reciting the above Mantra, keep following numeric yantra of Nakshatra lord, the Moon, nearby to make mantra more effective. 

               |  7 |  2 |  9 |
               |----|----|----|  Numeric Yantra for
               |  8 |  6 |  4 |  Lord Moon
               |----|----|----|  (Shri Chandra)
               |  3 | 10 |  5 |

The Yantra (mathemetical square) for Moon is based on the number two. The sub-total is eighteen and the total is fifty four. 

Some people have this intellectual formula engraved on a metal plate (of Silver) and either wear it on their person (as a necklace etc.) or keep it on their personal altar or prayer (puja) table. Possible positive effects may also come from drawing this formula on a piece of paper or in sacrificial sand in conjunction with other remedial practices. 

If possible (for example, if writing this Yantra on a piece of paper), the mathematical square should be drawn on a background showing the shape of 'a circle'. This shape is represented by Lord Moon. The square itself may be filled with White colour and then numerical formula may be written on this white back-ground. 

According to Hindu astrology, some trees or plants are associated with each Nakshatra and worshiping their Nakshatra tree is believed to bring positive influence in life. The ancient scripture of Ayurveda - 'Rasraj Mahodadhi' also lists these Nakshatra trees. The 'Deity Vriksha' (Deity's tree) for Rohini nakshatra is Jambhul/ Jaamun [Eugenia Jambolana/ Syzygium jambolanum]. The 'Kshema Vriksha' for Rohini nakshatra (the tree which brings well-being and welfare for matters governed by this nakshatra) are Welu [Bombusa Vulgaris]. 

Try to find any one of the above mentioned trees in your nearby surroundings, and worship that tree like you would worship a God's idol. You should look after the concerning tree and never use it as medicine till you continue to worship it. Also recite the above written Mantra ('Om Prajapataye Namah') 108 times (specially on Monday), with complete devotion, while sitting near this tree - to seek blessings of nakshatra deity. 

'Dhaarya-aushadhi' (medicinal plant to be kept on person) for Rohini nakshatra is 'Aghada'. You can put leaves, seed, bark, parts of trunk or Root of concerned 'Dhaarya-aushadhi' (whichever plant part is convenient) within an amulet (talisman or tabeez), and wear it as a lucky charm. The amulet should be made of Silver. The upper visible part of the amulet metal should be inscribed with Moon's numeric yantra (shown above). 

Alternatively, you may write Moon's numerical Yantra on a piece of small paper and put it within the amulet alongwith the parts of tree/plant. This amulet will protect you against evil (as disease or witchcraft). The amulet should be prepared and worn in 'Amrit' or 'Shubh' or 'Laabh' chaughadia. 

Herbal baths ('Aushadhi snaan') is also recommended with this medicinal plant. Every Monday bathe with water in which 'Aghada' plant has been mixed the night before.

(Note: You may search Google for botanical name of concerned tree and find complete details thereof, with locally spoken common names and tree photographs, for easy identification. Following website is also good for searching - '')


Plant saplings of Birth Nakshatra tree:

Your birth-nakshatra is Aardraa. The deity-vriksha for Aardraa is Agar tree/ Krishnaguru [Aquilaria agallocha]; Long pepper [Piper longum] and the Kshema-vriksha is Undal, Surangi [Callitris Inophyllum], Naga-Champa/
Nag-Kesar [Calophyllum inophyllum].

It would be very auspicious for you if you plant a sapling of above trees, or at least of one of them, in your surroundings on your birth-day each year. You should also take care of these trees after planting to ensure
their survival and proper growth.

Many-many happy returns of the day Mr. Mukerjee !! May You have abundance of Good Health, Good Wealth, and Loving togetherness of your Beloved Ones in the coming year. 

Wishing you a great year ahead !!

Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)
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"Your approach and clarity of thought is refreshing and inspiring. Your predictive technique serves to draw away the veil of ambiguity, which is so prevalent with most other practitioners of this science. .... ... "

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1. If for any reason, you have to move to a different place (other than Singapore, Singapore) before your coming birth-day, and if it is also located in a different Time-Zone, then, appropriate Time-zone adjustments should be applied to know your exact birthday-moment as per local clocks of concerned timezone.