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Birth Time Rectification for Sample Person

Dear Mr. Sample

Thank you very much for trusting in my astrological services and giving me the opportunity to analyze your birth chart.

I have undertaken the birth-time rectification exercise for the following birth-data as per inputs received from you: 

Date of birth :

16th April 1978

Time of birth :

Around 5:30 hrs  (Between 5:00 am and 6:00 am)

Place of birth :

Balimela (Orissa), India (018N15'00; 082E08'00)
ZST:  05:30 hrs ahead of GMT Applicable Day Light Saving Time (DST):  0.00 hr
Ascendant determination:

(Ayanamsa used: Chitrapaksh / Lahiri)

During the given time frame of one hour (i.e. between 5:00 am and 6:00 am), there may be two possible ascendant horoscopes:
1. From 4:06:16 hrs to 5:41:19 hrs. -  it is Pisces ascendant.
2. From 5:41:20 hrs. to 7:25:06 hrs. - it is Aries ascendant

Note: An ascendant is of about 2:00 hrs.

If Pisces ascendant

If Aries ascendant

In your surroundings, you are a normal personality.

In your surroundings, you are recognized as a leader. People respect you more than normal and follow you.

You have ease and plasticity in expression. You can quickly correlate ideas. You have tremendous mental and nervous energy in articulate activity. You have extra-ordinary intellectual powers and the degree of mental development in life.

Nothing extra-ordinary in this area.

You have wisdom and generosity. You can give good advise to others. 

You are not interested in advising others and people normally don't seek advise from you.

Nothing like that. Just normal sense of aesthetics. Not very fond of adornments. Don't care much about fineness in surroundings.

You have much sense of aesthetics. You very much care about fineness in your surroundings. You have a refined taste. You appreciate fine arts and culture. You like adornments (clothes, jewelry, perfumes). You may like luxurious living style.

Don't care much about food. Whatever is available, it's Okay.

Very fond of good food.

Like hot and spicy food.

Do not like hot and spicy food. You like bitter foods and vegetables (like bitter gourd).

Just normal/ average attachment to mother and motherland.

You are very attached to your mother and motherland.

Sub-ordinates belonging to martial races are normally faithful to you.

Sub-ordinates belonging to backward races and classes are normally faithful to you.

Your wife has normal religious and spiritual inclinations.

Your wife is extra-ordinarily religious and spiritual. She has extra-ordinary wisdom.

Wife can not be classified as "very hot tempered".

Your wife is very hot tempered.

Nothing like "untiring energy". Just normal.

Your wife has untiring energy to attend to her responsibilities without question.

Wife has very good communication skills. She is an intellectual. She has very good analytical faculties, speech, sharp intellect, power of discrimination and confidence.

Just "average".

Your father has a special status in his society, relations and work place.

Just "average".

You have "Excellent" relations with your superiors/ Boss. You are good friends with persons who are in authority.

Just "average".

You spend your money. Do not worry much about savings. You do not spend easily. You like to save your money.
Please check and compare the above table and let me know which answers are correct. This will determine your ascendant. After receipt of your answer, I will proceed to next part of this exercise -- the determination of your exact birth time.
Your response:
All points in PISCES are matching to me  - except:

1. Hot and Spicy food. . I like bitter grout.
2. Relationship with immediate boss is average.
3. Wife is very short tempered .
Conclusion about Ascendant:
So now, when most of the points, listed under "Pisces" are matching,  your ascendant is determined as "PISCES".
Exact Birth-Time determination:
You have listed period/ dates of various life events as follows:
1 Birth of your daughter 3rd February 2011
2 Vehicle purchase 21st May 2011
3 Purchase of Land 16th October 2008
4 Accident & Injuries 1st April 2010
5 Serious illness (Typhoid for 6 months) December 1992
6 Date of Marriage 24th November 2008
7 Date of promotion 1st July 2013

After evaluating very birth-timings during the Pisces ascendant (checked between 5:00 am and 5:41 am), I found 5:33 hrs as most probable time when you were born. The birth chart calculated for this time explains most of your life events astrologically.

Here are the details:


Your daughter was born on 3rd February 2011. On this date, operating Vimshottari dasa was "Ketu-Sun-Mars-Jupiter". Mars is posited in the 5th house (The house of Progeny) and Jupiter is the natural significator of Progeny.


You purchased a vehicle on 21st May 2011. The operating Vimshottari was "Ketu-Sun-Venus-Mercury". Mercury is your 4th Lord and Venus is the natural significator of vehicles. The 4th house represents vehicles.


You purchased Land on 16th October 2008. The operating Vimshottari dasa was "Mercury-Saturn-Rahu-Jupiter". Mercury is the Lord of 4th house and Jupiter is posited in the 4th house. Saturn is the natural significator of Land. The 4th house represent Land & property.


You met a serious accident on 1st April 2010. The operating Vimshottari dasa was "Ketu-Venus-Mars-Saturn". Venus is your 3rd and 8th lord, therefore most malefic planet functionally. Mars is your 2nd Lord (Markesh). Saturn is your 12th lord. The 6th, 8th and 12th houses are called Trik Houses/ Dusthana (evil houses of suffering). Ketu is also posited in Saturn's Nakshatra (Uttara Bhadrapad). Therefore Ketu will also give effect of Saturn.


You fell seriously ill in December 1992 and was on bed for next months. During this period, operating Vimshottari dasa was "Mercury-Mercury-Venus". Mercury is your 7th Lord (Markesh) and Venus is your 8th (Dusthana) and 3rd (Trishdaya bhava) Lord.


You was married on 24th November 2008. The operating Vimshottari was "Mercury-Saturn-Rahu-Mercury". Mercury is your 7th Lord (house of marriage/ spouse). Rahu is posited in the 7th house.


You got promotion on 1st July 2013. The operating Vimshottari was "Ketu-Jupiter-Jupiter". Jupiter is your Lagnesh (1st lord) and Ketu is posited in the Lagna. For any significant accomplishment in life - the First House and its ruler are necessary. It aids us in our career, as it helps establish self-identity and, therefore, is important for honor, integrity, fame, or recognition.

The Jupiter is also aspecting your 10th house. The Tenth is the house of karma, which means action. It shows the success in career and the effect of our actions upon the world, the status we are able to achieve in life.

Therefore your exact time of birth is being determined as 5:33 hrs, which explains almost every event of your life listed above.
I would appreciate an acknowledgment of receipt of this analysis.
Wam regards,
Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)