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[The report answers your business related specific questions and concerns]
[You may ask up to 10 occupation related questions]

You may ask up to ten questions. It is not necessary that you ask all the questions in one go. You may stagger it and may ask questions in several sessions, through email, in the form of an extended discussion, but within one month. Your questions would be answered by Shyam S Kansal himself, personally.

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Trilok C. Garg

Born on:

27th June 1969


01:45 Hrs.

DST: 00:00 hrs.


Sikandrabad, (India)
077E42'00; 028N27'00
Time zone: 05:30 hrs. ahead of GMT

Dear Trilok

I must congratulate you for asking very specific questions which covers wide spectrum of issues concerning your business. I have analyzed your birth-chart through very sophisticated Vedic Jyotish techniques. I have avoided writing all the astrological details of logics applied to keep report short and simple and to let you remain focused on the main issues only.

I hope, my answers in this report helps you in taking those vital business decisions about which you are so concerned.

Best wishes
Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic astrologer and author of "Vjyotish")

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Q.1: I am interested in two businesses:
(a) trading of "Desi Ghee" (butter-oil prepared from milk) and 
(b) Property dealing. Whether these businesses would suit me?

The “Desi-Ghee” is governed by Jupiter. Your 10th house (House of “Karma”), 2nd house (House of wealth) and 9th house (House of fortune and destiny) are highly influenced by Jupiter. The 11th house (house of income) is also moderately influenced by Jupiter. Inclination of Jupiter towards these houses is also very good. There is no doubt about it that “Desi-Ghee” will create wealth for you.

Property-dealing is governed by Mars. It does have NIL (or almost nil) influence on your 10th house and 9th house. Inclination is also not very good towards these houses. Though, Mars has very good influence on your 11th house (house of income) and good inclinations but on your 2nd house (house of wealth), it is very ill-inclined with high influence. It means that property-dealing business may give you good-profits in the short-run BUT, in the long run, it would, ultimately result in depletion of your wealth. Thus, it is not advisable to go in property-dealing.

Q2. I am planning to start businesses at NOIDA (near New Delhi). Whether NOIDA would suit me for business?

Directional strengths and the cardinal directions of various planets in your horoscope [calculated as per Fixed Zodiac System (Sthirachakra), applied in Jyotish classic "Prashnamarg", is as follows:

                            Sign   |  Planet  |
                           Strength| benf.val | Planets posited
              EAST       : 11.128% | -132.47  | 
Mercury, Venus, Saturn
              SOUTH-EAST : 11.573% | -155.18  | 
              SOUTH      : 14.688% |    0.00  |
              SOUTH-WEST : 14.243% |   88.86  | 
Jupiter, Ketu
              WEST       :  8.902% | -140.61  | 
Moon, Mars
              NORTH-WEST : 12.463% |    0.00  |
              NORTH      : 15.134% |    0.00  |
              NORTH-EAST : 12.018% |   95.32  | 

Here, the strength and beneficence of the eight directions have been calculated on two parameters. (a) The strength of sign representing a direction, and (b) the accumulated beneficence through posited functional benefics or malefics in a particular direction.

(a) The strength of signs:

The greater the sign strength of a direction, better it will be. The average sign strength of a direction is (100/8=) 12.5% . Directions having lower sign strength from 12.5% should be avoided. The strong directions will yield prosperity. The directions should be considered from 'Birth-place'.

(a) The accumulated beneficence of various directions:

The classics say that if benefic planets are also associated with directions represented by strong signs, the prosperity knows no bounds. The net planetary benefic value accumulated through posited planets has been shown under column 'Planet benf.val' in the above table.  “Zero” has been taken as average value. Higher the positive values, more benefic that direction becomes and vice versa.

The best directions for you (to be reckoned from your birth-place) are “North”, “South-West” and “South”. “North-East” and “North-West” are average. NOIDA is “North-West from your birth-place.
As per Vedic-numerology (don’t confuse it with Western numerology), the best primary number for you is “FOUR”. The primary root number of “NOIDA” is 9. It is the number of Mars which is neither very beneficial nor harmful for you. Just a neutral number for you. However, the phonetics 'Naa', 'Nee', 'Noo', 'Nay' form a very friendly harmony with your birth star. Thus, NOIDA will remain a friendly place for you.

The primary root number of “GREATER NOIDA” is 4. Number “Four” is the best primary number for you. But phonetics 'Gaa', 'Gee', 'Goo', 'Gay' form average harmony with your birth star. . Thus, Greater-Noida would also remain suitable for you.

Q3. Whether it would be more appropriate to do business at home or nearby city or a distant city?

The inter-personal relationship of your 4th house and the Moon is very good. Both represent mother-land.  Your 12th and 9th houses (representing foreign or distant lands) are not so good. Therefore, you must remain near to your mother-land only.

Q4. I intend to start the above mentioned businesses in partnership of other two persons. One of them is my close relative (“Saadhu”, i.e. husband of my sister-in-law) and the second one is my friend. Both of them are “Vaishya” by-cast.

The 7th house of a horoscope is seen for partnerships. It is very weak in your chart. Further, to confirm this observation, 7th house of your Navamsa (D09) is still weaker. Partnership would not suit you.

The caste “Vaishya” is represented by Mercury and Moon. Both of them are highly ill-inclined towards your house of partnership. My firm advise is to avoid partnership with people of this caste.

The husband of your sister-in-law (“Saadhu”) is represented by your third house being 7th from 9th (house of sister of your wife). Mercury is again highly ill-inclined in this house. Hence, husband of your sister-in-law, “Vaishya” by caste, would not be a suitable person.

The Mercury is okay in your 11th house (house of friends and associates), thus a friend may be comparatively better option for partnership, if you have to have partnership.

Q5. Is it a proper time to venture into new businesses?

You are currently under the Vimshottari period of Mercury-Jupiter-Mercury, since 9th November 2005. Antardasa of Jupiter is one of the most favourable period for you. The pratyantar dasa of Mercury is also a wealth giving period for you. It is perfectly proper time to go into new business or expand the existing business.

Q6. If it is not a proper time now, them when should I start the new businesses?

The current period, up to 6th March 2006, is the best period in near future.

Q7. If property dealing suits me as a business – can you guide me that what type of properties should I deal more?

You have already been advised against the property-dealing business. However, if you still intend to try it, I would advise you not to buy very old built-up properties. Shops and marketing plazas would be much better. Residential plots would also be okay.

Q8. Can astrology also guide me about the suitability and unsuitability of castes of my sub-ordinates?

Yes, of course. Any sub-ordinate or employee of “Vaishya” caste would normally create problems for you. The best would be a person belonging to communities “Brahmin” or “Scheduled caste” .

Q9. Any indications for suitability of my firm’s name or product’s name?

Under Vedic system, every letter is said to confirm to a definite pattern of sound ('Dhwani'). Vedic astrology suggests that certain patterns of sound are more in harmony with the instance of your birth. Letters with friendly vibrations may be used for purposes such as choosing your own name, naming your business, a product, naming your house and even pets. The following letters have the utmost harmony with your birth star.

'Go', 'Saa', 'See', 'Soo'
[As pronounced in: Gopal, Sarika, Seattle, Suzuki]

'Ku', 'Ghaa', 'Jna/Ang', 'Chhaa'
[As pronounced in: Kulsum, Ghazi, Angkorvat, Chhatarpur]

'Ru', 'Ray', 'Ro', 'Taa'
[As pronounced in: Rudolph, Raymond, Romilla, Tatiya] 

'Tee', 'Too', 'Tey', 'To'
[As pronounced in: Teista,
Tulsa, Tejpur, Toledo]

'Say', 'So', 'Daa', 'Dee'
[As pronounced in:
Sewagram, Somalia, Datia, Deesa]

'Ke', 'Ko', 'Haa', 'Hee'
[As pronounced in: Keti, Komilla, Hawai, Hissar]

Try to choose a name which starts from any of above letters and it’s spelling returns a primary root number “4” (four).

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The business suitability report



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