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"I am sure that the future offspring of this timely marriage between computer and astrology would be truly illustrious and prolific. They would revolutionize the utility of astrology and usher in a new era of meaningful computer astrology."

Vinay Aditya

Author of "Dots of Destiny-Applications of Ashtakvarga"

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The Daily astro-graphs (Vjyotish indices)

he reports in this section are poised to make new grounds in Vedic Astrology. The innovative concepts used in these reports would contribute to the restoration of pristine glory of ancient Vedic Jyotish.

This is the most innovative and useful part of the program. Here, you will find the facility of analyzing astrological signatures, concerning every aspect of your life, on daily basis. It presents you the net conclusion for a day, concerning the very specific part of your life, after applying several Vedic Jyotish parameters and tests.

This section is truly a revolution in the utility of astrology beyond imagination, where, some of the 'best and unique uses' of real and meaningful astrology may be found to get highly customized daily predictions, as unique as your finger prints, for various areas of the life. Reports aim at providing a sound basis to anyone looking for astrological guidance, in everyday endeavours, in the areas of his/her specific interests. The
Vjyotish indices give excellent results while finding turning points. The experience shows that there are sudden turns in a particular life-aspect when there are extreme changes in Vjyotish index values. (see some real life incidents).

Vjyotish indices may be used while taking a vital decision of your life, negotiating a business deal, to view career and occupation outlook for the day, to find out lucky days for lotteries, gambling and horse-racing, to gauge astrological suitability of the day for trading in stock-market, forex and commodities ..... and for hundreds of other things. Go to "General usage examples" section for more details. A look at the occupational profile of Vjyotish users will also provide you an insight that how you may use it in your own profession or occupation.

The Vjyotish indices may be drawn in following four modes. The mode-choice depends upon the situation and need of the hour. Click on following links to read details and view sample output in each of the modes:

Single life-aspect mode
Relevant Vjyotish indices as a group
Create Tailor-made Vjyotish indices
Vjyotish indices for multiple-life aspects

See the details below:

How you may use it in your daily-life?

Other reports in Vjyotish-exl

Analyze a particular "Single Life-aspect" of your life:

Analyze a particular "Single Life-aspect" of your life at a time, on daily basis, through Vjyotish indices.

List of Vjyotish indices

How to interpret

Typical sample

View the daily ups and downs in a very specific aspect/ area of your life in graphic format as the net conclusion of several Jyotish parameters. Hundreds of Vjyotish indices are available representing subtlest life aspects covering almost all major areas of one's life.

When you opt for this mode, you are required to choose a particular aspect of your life, from a list of major life aspects. Each of these major life-aspect is further sub-divided into several subtle life-aspects. For example, if you choose major life-aspect - "Wealth, money, business, occupation and property", it is further sub-divided into 15 finer aspects. In similar way, other major life-aspects are also sub-divided into several subtle life-aspects.

The chosen Vjyotish index will be drawn for that particular "Single life-aspect" and you will be able to view that particular index for the desired period. Click here to view how a typical Vjyotish index looks when drawn.

Program path:   Main-menu Daily Astro-Graphs Single life-aspect              Top

View Relevant Vjyotish indices as a group:

View Relevant Vjyotish indices as a group.

Typical sample1

Typical sample2

In our normal life, we tend to view a problem from several angles to assess all it's related aspects in a better perspective. Our multi-cornered approach brings us answers for various facets of that problem. When we put together all these answers to get a consolidated view, we are in a better situation to tackle the problem. The basic idea behind this exercise is to cross-check an eventuality from several possible angles.

This section of the program displays values of various "Related Vjyotish indices", for a single date at a time, to enable you in having a bird's eye-view of astrological signatures concerning various involved issues which must be looked into while you are seeking the divine guidance with a specific object in your mind. The report is on daily basis. It analyzes a question from various related perspectives to gather corroborative astrological evidences and presents a more clearer picture than it would have emerged if we would have analyzed only one main Vjyotish index of concerned issue. The greater the number of evidences in a particular direction, the greater is the probability of that event.

Program path:   Main-menu Daily Astro-Graphs Relevant indices group      Top

Create Tailor made Vjyotish indices:

Tailor made Vjyotish indices

Typical sample

This option is meant for those of you who have some astrological background. It enables you to let loose your astrological knowledge to take its fullest advantage with the help of "Vjyotish-exl". Provide your own astrological parameters to draw indices.

Define your own parameters and weightages. Unlimited number of Vjyotish indices may be created for almost any aspect of your life.

Program path:   Main-menu Daily Astro-Graphs Tailor-made indices           Top

View Vjyotish-indices for multiple life-aspects:

View Vjyotish-indices for multiple life-aspects

Get date-wise astrological signatures for a group of related life aspects/areas simultaneously. This option provides you the facility of comparative quick glance over relevant indices.


There are eight pre-defined groups of Vjyotish indices under this mode of viewing.
Note: The facility of drawing various Vjyotish indices simultaneously, signifying "Multiple life-aspects", was added in the very infancy stage of this program, years back. Since then, a more convenient option has also been added in the program, under the heading "Relevant Vjyotish indice groups" (see above). However, this old feature is still a favourite of many of our customers. Thus, it has also been retained in this program.

Program path:   Main-menu Daily Astro-Graphs Multiple life-aspects          Top

To know the differences between the "Single life aspects" and the "Relevant life aspects" or the "Multiple life aspects" modes, click the adjacet <More info> button.

Which of the mode is useful and when?