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Use of Sarvatobhadra Chakra in Financial Astrology
Webinar organised by Arsha Jyotish, Pennsylvalia, USA


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Introduction and Importance of Sarvatobhadra Chakra - a Webinar by Shyam S Kansal. This event was organized by Arsha Jyotish, Pennsylvania, USA, on 19th January 2022. The webinar was also streamed live on YouTube simultaneously. More than a hundred Jyotish scholars attended this webinar from various countries, specially from USA, Canada, India, Singapore & Russia.

Shyam S Kansal is a Vedic Astrology Counsellor, based in Bulandshahr (U.P.), India, having experience in Vedic Astrology of more than three decades. He is considered an expert in Ashtakvarga system, Sarvatobhadra chakra and Panch Pakshi shastra. He is fascinated in discovering the forgotten secrets of Jyotish and in love with ancient scriptures. He believes in restoring the original spiritual roots to the science of Vedic astrology.

Hes also a trusted advisor to traders, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals who want to maximize peace, personal wealth and abundance of every kind in their lives. He has earned a vast array of practical experience and cutting-edge expertise to his work with innovative businesses and highly motivated individuals.

Shyam launched his Jyotish web-portal "howisyourdaytoday.com", in the year 2000. That was one of the very few astrology websites at that time. He has developed very comprehensive software on "Sarvatobhadra-chakra", which is the only one of it's kind till date on this highly complicated Swara-shastra based subject. The "Sarvatobhadra-chakra" has always been shrouded in mystery due to its complexity. Most of the astrology softwares do not dare to touch this subject at all. A few have though tried to incorporate the very basic calculations and vedhas of Sarvatobhadra Chakra. Shyam's software have complete calculations, with all applicable parameters, as told in ancient Jyotish text "Narapatijayacharya". Further, he has also programmed the "Argha-kaand" section (the business astrology section) of Sarvatobhadra Chakra in it's entirety which is highly helpful for his team in making astonishing forecasts about future behaviour of various markets (stocks, commodities, metals, forex etc).