The mysterious and secret chakra of ancient Jyotish


The Sarvatobhadra-chakra
The mysterious and secret chakra of ancient Jyotish


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W.D. Gann

The legendry astro-trader who used Sarvatobhadra chakra as "Square of Nine".


Sarvatobhadra Chakra is called the Trailokya Deep which lights the all three Lokas and is the most auspicious of all the chakras and charts. Kavi Narpati recorded it in "Narpatijayacharya Swarodaya" in the 12th  century. In the same book Kavi Narpati described Swar Shastra through 20 Swar chakras and detailed the method of their use for prediction. The knowledge of Swarodaya (and Swar Shastra Jyotish) was one of the most secretly guarded secrets, kept in the minds of the Maharishis. Kavi Narpati put them into Sanskrit shlokas in the 12th century for the first time.

The great Varaha Mihira, whose work on astrology are revered by many, writing about the Sarvatobhadra-chakra says that it is capable of showing immediate results, which can be verified and that this Chakra enlightens the three worlds. The author of "Mansagari"(an astrological text in extensive use in North India) in a chapter entitled "Sarvatobhadra-chakra" says that "this will illuminate the three worlds". Another author says this Chakra will enlighten us about the past, present and the future and is, therefore, comparable to "Trailokya-Deepak" (the lamp capable of lighting the three worlds).

These bold statements not only give a clue to the great importance attached to it by the reputed writers but also to the fact that this Chakra is a multi-purpose tool.

Mantreswara's "Phala Deepika" is one of the "big five" works on Indian astrology (Jyotish), the most condensed book, clearcut in expression, yet covering a much wider field than other texts. There is a chapter allotted in this book to Nakshatra Gochara, Vedhas, Latta etc., viz. chapter XXVI. These are principal items in the Sarvatobhadra-chakra methodology. The mere fact that a highly condensed treatise as "Phala Deepika" has allotted half a chapter covering most of the rules and regulations of this chakra illustrates the importance attached to it by an authority like Mantreshwara.

The Sarvatobhadra-chakra is mostly used for following purposes:

For predicting the price-ranges of various commodities, metals, stocks etc. etc..

For predicting the future of nations (political astrology), results of battles etc.

For predicting the events concerning a native's future.

Exhaustive literature on the subject is not available.