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W. D. Gann will be remembered and carried into history forever, as he was one of the great men of his time that stimulated thought and insisted upon research. His techniques are still being used today by successful traders around the world. Without a doubt, the name W.D. Gann is truly legendary in the trading world.

Biography of W.D. Gann

William Delbert Gann, better known the world over as W.D. Gann, is a legend in the world of stock and commodity trading. He was one of the most successful stock and commodity traders that ever lived.

W.D.Gann was born on a farm some seven miles outside of Lufkin, Texas, on June 6, 1878. He was the firstborn of 11 children two girls and eight boys of Sam Houston Gann and Susan R. Gann. The Ganns lived in a too small house with no indoor plumbing and with not much of anything else. They were poor, and young Willy walked the seven miles into Lufkin for three years to go to school.

His dad was a farmer in Angelina County. They were all concerned about the price their cotton would bring. And had you inquired whether young Willy also wanted to till the East Texas soil when he got older, he might have said “no”, he didn't think so: he wanted to be a businessman.

But the work he could do on the farm was more important to the family, so W.D. never graduated from grammar school or attended high school. As the eldest boy, he had a special responsibility, and those years working on the farm may have been the beginning of his lifelong dedication to hard work. His religious upbringing as a Baptist may also have had something to do with it, for his faith stayed with him throughout his life as well.

A few years later W.D. worked in a brokerage in Texarkana and attended business school at night. He married Rena May Smith, and two daughters, Macie and Nora, were born in the first few years of the new twentieth century. W.D. made the fateful move to New York City in 1903 at the age of 25. WD Gann now started commodity trading and stock market trading. Working most likely at a major Wall Street brokerage, W.D. made other changes in his life as well. He divorced his Texas bride and in 1908 at the age of 30 married a 19-year-old colleen named Sarah Hannify. W.D. and Sadie had two children--Velma, born in 1909 and W.D.'s only son, John, who arrived six years later. In addition, Macie and Nora came to live with their father and were raised in New York by their Irish stepmother. In 1908, he opened his own brokerage firm, W.D.Gann & Co., at 18th and Broadway.

During the First World War the family moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn first to Bay Ridge, then to Flatbush. W.D. reportedly predicted the November 9, 1918 abdication of the Kaiser and the end of the war. But it was after the armistice that the fortunes of the Ganns of Brooklyn took their most dramatic turn. The W.D. that traders know today emerged in the Roaring Twenties.

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Gann will be remembered and carried into history forever.



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