Ancient Vedic Wisdom for Modern Financial Markets


Based on astrological researches of over last two decades

We have been passionately conducting researches in India's Vedic astrology (specially in market astrology) since 1987. Ancient Indian sages have written about several astrological principles which are instrumental in creating "Bullish" or "Bearish" tendencies in the various markets. Our innovative work on identifying the intra-day, short-term and midterm "turning points" of global stock markets, metal and commodity markets, exchange rates between various currency pairs (forex markets) have brought us accolades from big traders as well as small investors. Here is a comprehensive list of our various products, based on various astrological principles researched over past two decades.

Planetary-aspects based forecasts:

[For commodities, metals and stock-market]
The market forecasts in this section are primarily based on a time-tested "Planetary-aspects" based methodology described by a legendary Indian astrology scholar (author of several excellent books on Jyotish)) in his immortal work on financial astrology. The method helps in preparing a consolidated balance sheet of the stellar influences after taking into cognizance of the numerous astrological factors, operating simultaneously, at any given point of time.

Sarvatobhadra-chakra based forecasts:

The Sarvatobhadra-chakra is a mysterious and secret chakra of ancient Jyotish, calculations for which are quite tedius and complicated. Kavi Narpati recorded it in "Narpatijayacharya Swarodaya" in the 12th century. In the same book Kavi Narpati described Swar Shastra through 20 Swar chakras and detailed the method of their use for prediction. The knowledge of Swarodaya (and Swar Shastra Jyotish) was one of the most secretly guarded secrets.

Besides several other purposes, the Sarvatobhadra-chakra is actively used for predicting the price-ranges of various commodities, metals, stocks, forex etc.

*  Sample report of Forex predictions for various currency pairs

K.P. sub-lords based forecasts:

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Vjyotish-index based forecasts:

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Dhruvaank-based forecasts:

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Panch-pakshi based forecasts:

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