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Stock-market numerology

Vedic Numerology is the study of the planetary rulership through nine primary numbers. It is based on the vibratory resonance of each number. It can determine suitability of various stocks based on the sound emitted from their popular names. Purchasing/selling in trading lots, which return one's most benefic primary root number is generally beneficial.

We have several products for you - each of which addresses a very specific area of your trading activities. Find your specific solutions below.


Your own horoscope based astral planner. Helps you in picking the astrologically suitable stocks from a huge database of corporate birth-charts. Also provides an exhaustive "How is your day today" report by quantifying the key astrological parameters for your own chart.

Panch-pakshi Shastra

An unique ancient system of Jyotish - considered a golden key in the hands of man. The traders admit that their count of erroneous decisions have come down significantly after it's application in trading. It has also helped them in taking crucial and risky trading decisions with much confidence, about which they were hesitant otherwise.

Which Industry sectors are suitable?

The report measures suitability of various Industry sectors for you, based on astrological signatures present in your horoscope. It may be an extremely helpful document for you while making investment decisions in stock market.

Does chart permit speculative trading?

Out of thousands of speculators involved in the markets a very small percentage of them are successful. Some people seem to have the natural talent for speculation and mint money everyday easily. Several others seem to struggle and loose money consistently. The element of Speculative Luck potential is ingrained in our Natal Chart. By analysis of your Natal Chart, this report will make you aware that whether you are the appropriate person to enter speculation, or not.

Financial astrology

Financial Astrology is a time tested way to look into the future and have clues as to what psychological changes may be approaching. The Astral science, has beyond doubt established the truth that the rise and falls of the commercial and stock markets may be traced to certain planetary positions.