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The Matrimonial-interview report
Minute-wise comparative strengths of 5 birds.
Minute-wise Friend and Enemy strength comparison of single bird
Strength comparison for a pair of any two birds for given duration.
Which is the strongest bird during various time-slots within a day?
Probable winner in Horse-races?
Using "Panch-pakshi" for gambing and casinos.
Predicting results of sporting events.
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Calendar of Dominant & Recessive Colours

Master-index of Feedbacks

I must admit that it has really helped me a lot to earn more from stock-market than my previous average of successes. The count of erroneous decisions have come down significantly after using "Panch-pakshi".

- Ajay Gupta, Delhi

Your reports are really helping me a lot in taking crucial and risky decisions in trading which I could not take otherwise. I have been a gainer mostly whenever I kept control on my instant sentiments and followed the path shown by Panchpakshi Shastra .

- Atul Gupta, New Delhi

Some interesting feedbacks and experiences

I traveled to Bangalore yesterday by Kingfisher Airlines. Checked in for flight during my "Ruling-time" shown in  Panchpakshi report, holding the Economy class ticket. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got upgraded to Kingfisher First class automatically, later on.

 - Vipul Kukreja, Mumbai

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Collection of feedbacks and experiences related to Stocks, Commodities and Currencies trading

So far in my experience when I have traded the Foreign currency market during my "Excellent" marked timings, I have stayed on the positive side, and when I traded on "Average" or "Bad" marked durations - I had not so positive experience.

 - Sumita Chatterjee (Canada)

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