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"Panch-pakshi" based "Special reports"

The Matrimonial-interview report
Minute-wise comparative strengths of 5 birds.
Minute-wise Friend and Enemy strength comparison of single bird
Strength comparison for a pair of any two birds for given duration.
Which is the strongest bird during various time-slots within a day?
Probable winner in Horse-races?
Using "Panch-pakshi" for gambing and casinos.
Predicting results of sporting events.
More such "Special-reports" ....
Calendar of Dominant & Recessive Colours


Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about "Pancha-pakshi" system, that we are asked about generally. Please go through this list carefully before asking us a question.

However if you still do not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you as best as we possibly can!

What alternates are available if I am unable to utilize my best possible time shown in my Panch-pakshi report?
Can you suggest that what should I do in my "Excellent" marked time-slots in my "Panch-pakshi" report?
What should be the option if "Ruling-Ruling" time in my "Panchapakshi" report simultaneously coincides with the Rahu-kaal?
Which time-slot should I use if my best timings in Panch-pakshi report does not coincide with the Hora timings (planetary hour) of my favourable planet?
What is a good time in Panch-pakshi is quite often unfavorable in the Chaughadia report. Which one should I follow?
How should I use "Strong-Directions" shown in the "Pancha-pakshi" report?
Can I use my "Panch-pakshi" report, calculated for my original location, in different cities or I need to get another report?
There are several abbreviated words written in "Panch-pakshi" report. What does those words indicate?
Can I get any sort of astrological advantage through "Panch-pakshi" system while Gambling or in a Casino?
Can any type of astrological guidance may be got from "Pancha-pakshi" for buying lottery tickets?
Is your software calculating stellar bird's activities wrongly?
Results do certainly come in my "Excellent" denoted period - but not at desired level. Why?
What does the terms "Excellent"; "Good"; "Poor" etc. - written in the heading, just below the date line, mean?
Why, sometimes, same bird is shown as "Ruling Bird" and "Dying Bird" of the day segment? Is it program error?
Why, sometimes, same direction is shown as Strongest and Weakest simultaneously? Is it program error?
Why, sometimes, same colour is shown as "Dominant" and "Recessive" simultaneously? Is it program error?
I know my Date of Birth but do not know the Time of Birth. Can Panch Pakshi be used by me or not?
Miscellaneous questions about "Panch-pakshi"