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The Matrimonial-interview report
Minute-wise comparative strengths of 5 birds.
Minute-wise Friend and Enemy strength comparison of single bird
Strength comparison for a pair of any two birds for given duration.
Which is the strongest bird during various time-slots within a day?
Probable winner in Horse-races?
Using "Panch-pakshi" for gambing and casinos.
Predicting results of sporting events.
More such "Special-reports" ....
Calendar of Dominant & Recessive Colours


The Fundamental of "Panchapakshi " system




As told in introduction - your birth stellar bird personifies your basic element, among the five elements ("Pancha mahabhootas"). The great Tamil Sidhas found out that the planetary movements, the waxing and the waning periods of the Moon due to it's relative cyclic distance from the Sun and due to the radiation of these planets progressing through the ecliptic consisting of 12 apartments called 'Signs' and 27 Hindu constellations (called "Nakshatras") produce a specialized elemental vibrative force at each of the time-situations.

They also found that these elemental vibrations differentially function in 5 ways during the periods of waxing and waning Moon cycles in 5 different gradations. The horoscope of an individual is the representation of the imprint of the cosmic
vibrations emanating from the peculiar pattern of the nine planets at the time of one's birth. This collective imprint remains in the sub-conscious always after one's birth. Being controlled/ directed by this imprint, the individual is helpless, but to live in a peculiar individual way accordingly. If we can identify the basic laws behind formation of this imprint and the functional pattern of our elemental vibrations, we can adjust ourselves and function in such a way so that our indulgence in any action during a time-situation, whenever elemental vibrations are at the highest ebb, we will be crowned with supreme success. This is the fundamental of "Panchapakshi ".


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