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"Mr. Shyam S Kansal has attempted to quantify factors that were hitherto not quantified. He has been the first and is the only person in our knowledge so far who has recognized the potential of Ashtakvarga and married it to computers with very successful predictive results.”

Anshumalee Sood

Jyotish Acharya,
Publisher of "Vedic Astrology" bi-monthly journal

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Author of "Vjyotish-exl" and "Stock-Compass"

The Journey of Astrology

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The Best Indian astrologer


Stars always fascinated Shyam S Kansal (or, Shyam, as he is popularly called). The events which led to him exploring the varied dimensions of astrology make up a long journey. In March 1987 he decided to pursue astrology in depth. The more he studied Vedic astrology (Jyotish), the more he was convinced that it was a fascinating subject worthy of research.

It was simply by-chance that Shyam realized the predictive powers of Ashtakvarga system when he came in contact with an astrologer in 1991 who used Ashtakvarga very broadly and yet came out with some fascinating snap-shot predictions. Shyam found this system very systematic and scientific. It involved intensive calculations which were tedious and time consuming. Since then, Shyam has kept learning Ashtakvarga purely on his own. He procured as many books on the subject, as he could. But it was Pt. Mukund Daivagya's "Ashtakvarga Mahanibandha" (translated in English by Prof. P.S. Sastri under the title "Secrets of Ashtakavarga"), which formed the foundations of his original work.

His work has been appraised and appreciated by several Internationally renowned Jyotish scholars, like, Vinay Aditya (Author of "Dots Of Destiny..Application of Ashtakvarga"); Dr. K.S. Charak (Author of several excellent books on Jyotish), Dr. Amitabh Varma , Swami Sadashiva Tirtha, and many-many more ...

Shyam has never been to a computer institute and knew nothing about computers or programming till March 1987. Personal computers has just arrived on the scene in India, in 1985. Buying a PC was a very costly proposition then. Some early astrological softwares, doing some very basic calculations, has also arrived but very costly. Shyam came from a middle-income group family and it was very difficult for him to manage buying a personal computer. But he managed to buy his first computer anyhow, a PC-XT with 20 MB hard-disk and 512 KB RAM. Its cost was INR 65,000. (U.S. $ 6,500 approx.; exchange rate was about INR 10 per US Dollar). He also spent another INR 50,000 (U.S. $ 5,000 approx.) simultaneously to buy an astrological software ("Bhrigu-IV") for help in his astrological calculations. He started learning the "operation of a PC" thereafter. Learning to write some lines of program-code was a dream only. There was no computer institute in the vicinity. He bought a book on the easiest programming platform -The "Dbase3-plus" and started his long journey alone. He upgraded to "FoxPro for Windows" in 1996 and still continues to work with this. Without any instructor or help, it was a long learning curve. In Shyam's life, teachers had largely come in the form of books.

He started developing a program, initially dedicated to Ashtakvarga system only,  way back in 1991. He worked hard by putting in countless hours of programming to create his first astrology software “Rishi”, which was not meant for sale, but just for his personal use. Till 1995, it was a part-time passion. Since 1996, astrology became a full-time job. He would read books and extract theories, think of missing links, integrate it all in his mind and think of new interpretations and try out various principles on as many charts as possible. Since then he had explored many techniques and tools of Vedic Astrology along the way. Today, Shyam have a rich library of astrological texts, both by modern astrologers and translations of the ancient masters.

The Top Jyotish of India A little personal background

Shyam is 1957 born, married to Neeta, with three wonderful daughters- Neha, Himani and Kanu. Neha and Himani are also brilliant Jyotish scholars and assisting him in new products development. He lives in Bulandshahr (U.P.), India. 

Shyam completed his schooling from the prestigious Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital. He is a meritorious science graduate (biology and chemistry) and was offered a scholarship due to his rank in the first 30 students in whole of Meerut University. Thereafter, he got an post-graduate degree in Economics. In his heydays, he was the President of the Debating Societies in his school as well as college. He got opportunities to travel far and wide. He explored many places in United States, Western Europe and South-East Asia.

The top astrologer of India Hooked to astrology

Shyam developed one of the most comprehensive astrological software "Rishi" way back in 1996, which was capable of doing almost all the astrological calculations which any of the present day softwares can do. But he was not satisfied with just that. He wanted to "actually use" all of those tables and charts, in a manner in which a knowledgeable astrologer would ever strive to do for prediction purposes. He never sold a single copy of Rishi and kept trying to standardize various information churned out by it.

Shyam got a nice companion in the form of Arvind Singh, at this stage. The unending thirst of applying more and more complex astrological principles in a logical way just grew. They discussed together the basic underlying principles of astrology for hours. A lot of new innovative and most useful tables like "natal authority index of planets over houses",  "The comprehensive table of real relationship of planets" etc. were conceptualized, standardized and programmed. Several principles were tested on real life events thoroughly. Few of these reports went in the hands of knowledgeable scholars of the subject. The accolades received from them were the triggering factors to enthuse him to go deeper and deeper in the subject.

The Most knowledgeable astrologer from India What was different from other Astrologers and programmers?

Perhaps, Shyam was more successful in his endeavours because he was programming himself whatever he was reading and grasping personally. He was playing both the roles simultaneously, of an astrology student and of a computer programmer; and that too, all alone for most of these years. From conceiving an idea, to designing a report-format, and finally to program it, was done by him, himself. A better combination could not have been, perhaps.

Most of the programmers do not know the real-astrology and unfortunately real-astrologers do not know computer programming. Perhaps, this is the single most important reason that most of the present day astrology softwares could not go beyond from claiming the accuracy in planetary degrees, making horoscope charts, various related tables, calculating several types of dasas etc. The interpretation and prediction part remained limited to the printing of some text for general astrological conditions present in the concerned horoscope. All the tables and charts printed by them were just ornamental pieces to be used by "some other knowledgeable astrologers". They never made use of all those charts and tables themselves in their own software for interpretation and prediction purposes. They programmed the software in latest computer languages (like C++), they made it aesthetically beautiful, they calculated the most accurate planetary positions (some of them using algorithms of NASA even); but the way, a true Indian astrologer works, remained elusive for them.

The most well known astrologer in India It has been a passion

Shyam has been passionately conducting researches in India's Vedic astrology since 1996. Astrology research has given him immense satisfaction. His interest in astrology never subdued since then. You can say that he is simply "Hooked to astrology". Astrology took him hostage and he has been it's willing captive since then. 

Best known Jyotish of India Innovative work

He is a thinker and is not afraid to think the unthinkable. He conceived of a system in which several astrological principles were simultaneously integrated to gauge the benefic and malefic effects of each planet in natal horoscope as well as in their daily transit. The natal promises of planets could be integrated with their transit status in a very simple and elegant manner to draw a net astrological conclusion, which he called "The net astrological effect". His program could analyze the "each day", with reference to each house of the horoscope individually. Some of his well known works are as follows:

Top Corporate astrologer

He was the pioneer in developing the revolutionary astrological softwares Vjyotish-exl, the concept of which has been often copied but never surpassed by other astrological software developers till date.

Vedic numerologist

He developed another pioneering product- Stock Compass”, for the very first time any where in the world. It is a unique personalized astrological planner for those investors in stock market who wish to use this astral science for their financial decisions. It provides personalized astral guidance for picking the harmonious stocks and date wise astrological suitability for speculation. Any investor can hone up and fine tune his planning ability, re-orient his strategies, re-allocate his resources and learn the art of being on right side of the market, with its help.

leading astrologer of india

He has programmed an innovative table, which is used extensively within his programs and to prepare various reports. It is called "The Natal Authority chart". This table is an attempt to quantify the authority of the nine planets over twelve houses due to various portfolios (of varying caliber) acquired by them in relation to these houses. The more authority a planet has got to influence a house, the more it will deliver to the house from its natal promises, at appropriate moments. The figures in this table shows the sum of calibrated authority obtained through various portfolios by a planet over a house. Almost all major and minor factors (approx. 13 in total), mentioned in Jyotish classics, in proportionate ratios of their importance, have been taken into consideration to calibrate this authority index to gauge the planet's overall direct and indirect influences on the Houses. The concept of this table emerges from the fact that a planet is capable of bestowing certain benefic and malefic results, at appropriate moments during the native's life. But a planet influences several houses in a horoscope simultaneously. Will it deliver the same quantum of its natal promises (whether 'Good' or 'Bad') to all the houses under its influence? The answer is emphatically 'NO'. This table tries to quantify these benefic or malefic results.

leading Indian astrologer

He has developed very comprehensive software on "Sarvatobhadra-chakra", which is the only one of it's kind till date on this highly complicated Swara-shastra based  subject. The "Sarvatobhadra-chakra" has always been shrouded in mystery due its complexity. Most of the astrology softwares do not dare to touch this subject at all. A few have though tried to incorporate the very basic calculations and vedhas of SarvatobhadraChakra. Shyam's software have complete calculations, with all applicable parameters, as told in ancient Jyotish text "Narapatijayacharya". Further, he has also programmed the "argha-kaand" section (the business astrology section) of SarvatobhadrChakra in it's entirety which is highly helpful for his team in making astonishing forecasts about future behaviour of various markets (stocks, commodities, metals, foreign exchange etc).

Best astrologist of India

The mysterious "Panch-pakshi Shastra" is a unique system of Vedic astrology, propounded by ancient Tamil Sidha Saints thousands of years ago, which has been considered a golden key in the hands of man which can be used with advantage in any endeavour and in any walk of life. Shyam has written a software which can provide all vital information in a single table to the user on daily basis.

Best astrologist of India He has designed one of the most elaborate "Astral Gem Recommendation" report, providing complete logic with comparative astrological beneficence of various planets in a horoscope. His work prompted Mr. R. Rao (A well known astrologer and owner of a big astrology portal) to comment that: "This is the most comprehensive Gemstone Recommendation Report that I have come across! Excellent work. Congratulations. You have a knack for drilling down the pile of information, making scientific analysis and reaching a fine conclusion. I am happy that you have chosen the "Anukul" method, which is also recommended by me. The report is highly recommended. I will have no hesitation in scrapping my own report and replacing with yours." 

He is poised to make new grounds in various areas of Vedic Astrology. He has got recognition as a "pioneer" and has received accolades from eminent Jyotish scholars. Shyam's customized astrology softwares, "Vjyotish-exl" and "Stock-Compass", still remains the best-seller. They have been acclaimed to be the best of their kind by renowned astrologers across the world. To know more about his innovative work, please read "What was innovative" .

Top rated Indian astrologer Specialization    

Shyam's specialty lies in the timing of events and birth-chart analysis using Ashtakvarga, Vimshottari dashas and Divisional charts. He has also developed some special "quantification techniques" for reaching to the ultimate net-result for the given birth-chart concerning career and occupation related subtle issues. Details about many of his other innovative reports may be found on "Products and Services" page.

He also specializes in Financial astrology (predicting about Stock markets, commodity markets and Forex markets etc.). He is well versed with all tenets of Indian Astrology though he gives special significance to the Ashtakvarga system of Vedic Jyotish. Shyam owes his knowledge to the blessings of the Almighty. Click here to know more about his specializations ..

The Best Vedic astrologer Goals

Shyam feels embarrassed and disappointed by the stigma (of being a superstition) imposed on astrology in the last century. He is thoroughly convinced that Vedic astrology is a great subject. But it has been corrupted in the last few hundred years. He is determined to contribute to the restoration of pristine glory of ancient Vedic Jyotish. He is convinced that a day will come when Vedic astrology is taught at several universities. One of his goals in life is to promote scientific temper among astrologers.

Best renowned astrologer of India Belief

Shyam honestly admits that astrology can never change your destiny but only can provide tendencies about life. It is just a Road Sign that warns about the forthcoming dangers, and it lies up to the concerned person to notice it and have a smooth ride, or totally ignore it to go with the flow.

He believes that at the right time, the right code of conduct and the right method to perform a task always aid success whether in a career, business, marriage or even life. He firmly believe in the Indian tenets, which say that the actions of our past lives determine the present and on the whole the events in our life are predetermined by the combination of stellar positions at the time of our conception, birth and then at the time of the happening.

He feels that Astrology should be used as a self management tool to achieve the vast potential every human being possesses. He is a firm believer of the fact that "Astrology Is a Guiding Science to a Wise Man and a Fooling Science to an Ignorant".

Best Vedic astrologer in India Achievements and honours

His gentle and unassuming manner and his lifetime of study have endeared him to many. Several social and astrological organizations have considered him a treasure of knowledge and wisdom in the great science and art of Vedic Astrology, and conferred upon him the honours from time to time.

leading astrologers of india Articles published and mention in print or visual media

Shyam's paper on proper timing for conceiving, based on Ashtakvarga system, titled - "The Art of Conceiving" was taken up for publishing by "Asian Journal of Obs & Gynae" and was published in it's September-November 1998 issue.

World Famous Indian Astrologer Some of the initial successes which kept him going

most famous astrologer in India

Amongst his most famous and bold predictions was not about a person. It was about the behaviour of Indian Stock market between December 1996 and March 1997. He sent an open letter to more than 8,000 fund managers, portfolio managers, stockbrokers etc, all over India, in November 1996. Therein also was a set of predictions pertaining to the movement of leading pivotals on the stock market. The actual happenings, thereafter, were recorded very carefully, in chronological order. Even, the leading financial daily- "Business Standard" carried a large article on him.

Best professional Indian astrologer

Shyam got the first confirmatory whiff of his method's success in Sept.'96 when Dr. Pushkar Mohan Naithani, Director of "Omni Jyotish Shodh Sansthan", Kotdwara (Uttaranchal, India); recognized the immense utility of his work and was instrumental in validating the date-wise reports of Bajaj Auto Ltd. (an automobile giant), prepared for the past 10 years (1986 to 1996), by none other than its Chairman, Mr. Rahul Bajaj, himself. Mr. Naithani went to Pune and had a personal long meeting with Mr. Bajaj. This meeting took place in the first week of Sept.'96 at Mr.Bajaj's residence and Mr. Bajaj confirmed, after verifying the old company records, brought to his home by his aides, the correctness of 69 dates, out of 74 dates given by Shyam for verification, during past 10 years in the history of the company. Though, it is another story that Shyam could never get credit for this report and the report was presented as Mr. Naithani's own work. Mr. Naithani was rewarded by Mr. Rahul Bajaj through selecting him as one of the two Indian delegates to a Astrology Conference in Singapore. Mr. Bajaj was one of the member in Human Resources Ministry in 1996.

gifted astrologer

Around the same time (mid-1996), famous tantrik Chandra Swami was denied bail by the Courts several times. One of his disciple, a high ranking Income Tax Officer from Delhi, contacted Dr. Naithani for guidance in this matter. Chandra Swami's detailed daily transit report based on Shyam's predictive model was got prepared by Dr. Naithani and using this report he predicted to that officer that Swami ji will be able to come out between 9th Nov. & 21st Nov.1996 hence a bail application should be moved during that time. The advise was followed and Swami ji came out of jail on or around 18th Nov.'96.

All of these incidents were highly necessary for Shyam to develop a deep sense of confidence in his own work.
It kept him going to discover new skies in the future.
View Shyam's interview by Mr. Mukesh Garg, a well known Financial Astrologer and scholar of Sarvatobhadra Chakra himself. It is in Hindi language and was recorded on 22nd Oct. 2023.
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Subject of the Interview was:

"Financial Astrology Journey of Shyam S Kansal"

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The greatest Indian astrologer Current Developments and New Products

He is currently developing Artificial Intelligence for giving interpretations on the birth charts of individuals based on the ancient Indian astrological classics. He is deeply involved in further researches in the areas of Career, Finance, Marriage, compatibility issues and Mundane astrology (specially the business-astrology).

He is actively engaged in financial astrology and has done some innovative work on identifying the intra-day, short-term and midterm "turning points" of stock markets as well as the commodity markets. Currently, he is engaged in developing an intricate astrological model for predicting the intraday turning points of various markets.

He has developed several other new astrology products. Whatever new products he has brought to the marketing shelf during last few years, have become trailblazers mainly because of  Shyam's firm commitment to innovation. He is guided by the philosophy of remaining far ahead of the times. Click here for details about all of his products.

Most acclaimed Indian astrologer Consultation and Services offered


Though Shyam prefer to focus on the study and programming and most of his time is spent in researching and writing the program codes for complex astrological concepts, still he allow some time for the reading of horoscopes, on the friendly persuasion of many such people, who derived immense benefit from his knowledge & expertise. He do readings to keep him “sharp” in the practice of astrology and to serve those others who wish to benefit, if only slightly, from the grand science of astrology. He launched this website in July 2002, to reach out to the global community at large. He is available for selected paid consultations, which is usually done over the internet (e-mail) or telephone. For local clients or where there is a requirement, he is also available in person for face-to-face consultation. To book an appointment, or for further details - click on "Personal Consultancy" or alternatively, send an email to: 

He has developed his own style and expertise with a modern concept in astrological predictions; through study of thousands of horoscopes during the past 24 years (since 1987). He gives much importance to Ashtakvarga. He feels that Ashtakvarga should be studied in detail invariably before arriving at any astrological conclusion. An expert in the Vedic astrology , Shyam employs his vast real life experience with the tenets of Parashari to give some amazingly accurate results. He has established a sort of brand loyalty for his accuracy of astrological predictions made possible by his proprietary technology - "The Vjyotish Index" and "The Natal Authority Index". For his predictions, he utilizes his knowledge and expertise of astrology to predict precisely and to help identify and achieve objectives; to recognize the unexpected opportunities and obstacles that one may encounter.

Shyam is an internationally acclaimed Vedic astrologer today. He does natal chart analysis, career guidance, natal astrology with guide posts for the year ahead, compatibility analysis of prospective or existing partners for business or love, selection of phonetically correct name for self or business etc. Details about all of his services may be found on "Products and Services" page. He is also offering his services online.

"Your approach and clarity of thought is refreshing and inspiring. Your predictive technique serves to draw away the veil of ambiguity, which is so prevalent with most other practitioners of this science."   ....

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Toronto  (Canada)

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very well known Indian astrologer Clients and practice

His clients span the globe and include many eminent persons from all walks of life. Today, he has a busy practice. He is dealing with the issues and opportunities facing his clients in their daily lives. Many well-known individuals, commercial establishments and industrial concerns have benefited from his expertise and experience as a Vedic Jyotish scholar. He is widely sought by his celebrity clients for his bold, accurate predictions and solutions.

(Click here to view the roster of some of his distinguished clients)

vedic astrology scholar Miscellaneous

Shyam manages two internet discussion lists called “Vjyotish” and “Stock Compass”. Both these lists have over 1000 members each (as on December 2005) and some of the members are distinguished scholars of Vedic astrology. He contributes much of his spare time towards teaching and guiding those who want to learn this divine science.

Consultation with Shyam

Best rated Indian astrologer


Shyam dedicates his work to the great Indian heritage of mystique sciences and hope it will be able to contribute to the efforts of well meaning educated persons, trying to save these sciences from going into oblivion.

Top rated Indian astrologer


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