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Harness the Power of your Lucky Planets through Gemstones
Suitable Gemstones, Yantra, Planetary Herbs, Astral Talisman and Rudraksha



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Dear Kansal ji, This is the most comprehensive Gemstone Recommendation Report that I have come across! Excellent work. Congratulations. You have a knack for drilling down the pile of information, making scientific analysis and reaching a fine conclusion. I am happy that you have chosen the 'Anukul' method, which is also recommended by me. The report is highly recommended. I will have no hesitation in scrapping my own report and replacing with yours.

R Rao, Mumbai
A well known Jyotishi and owner of a big astrology portal



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Choosing the right Gemstone/ Birthstone is more important than wearing a gemstone. Gemstones are used worldwide but often in the incorrect manner. Choosing a gemstone, simply on the basis of your sun sign/ moon sign, constellation (Nakshatra), numerological calculations, major planetary period etc is not a wise strategy.

Analyzing planetary signatures in a birth chart properly to recommend the most suitable gemstone needs Jyotish expertise. Only a skilled Jyotishi can identify the karmic issues related to each planet and determine which gemstone will be fruitful to an individual. These should never be worn on an experimental basis. They can cause more harm than good if not chosen wisely. Wearing the correct Gemstone leads to peace and Prosperity. .


Index Astral Gems

Steeped in myths and legends, countless beliefs and fascinating tales are related about the mysterious powers of gems and precious stones. Since ancient times, gems and precious stones have been associated with the planets and continue to be credited with possessing power to bring luck and change the course of an individual's life. The rays emanated by suitable astral gems with their energy add comfort and serenity to our lives and create harmony both in the body as well as our aura, which create a healthy and conducive atmosphere. The result is that we gain positive results in every aspect of life: wealth, power, health and fame. 

A suitable gemstone for an individual resonates in harmony with the innate rhythm of the individual. It is a medium to channelize the vibration that can unfold the positive potential of cosmic forces in to the individualís life. Apart from unlocking the doors of fortune, the gemstone also acts as a protective shield against ill effects of negative energy.

Scope and utility :
Every gemstone has the power to draw energy from its respective planet and channelise it into the wearer's body. This property of a gemstone is helpful in exerting its influence in miraculous ways. A rightly recommended astral gem can lift you to new heights by bringing out the best in you. Your strong qualities such as diligence, patience, tenacity of purpose and an eye for detail can grow stronger if you wear a right Gem. In the professional sphere, a Gem or a precious stone can help you to achieve breakthroughs which have topped your list of aspirations for a long time. In business, the right Gem can enable you to usher in and sustain a phase of expansion. Your capacity to visualize plans, which are responsive to market trends, can be enhanced manifold.

Romantic involvement can become more intense. A right astral-gem could hasten marriage or a meeting with a special someone, in addition to saving your marriage if it's heading for the rocks. 

Overall, your run of success can gain power and pick up speed. Many of the weak areas in your life can be transformed into strengths. They can cure maladies when medicines fail. A suitable gemstone can ensure focus and concentration, create wealth, beget career gains and give you a reservoir of strength to counter the ill-effects of malefic and adverse planetary periods. 

The approach and methodology:
Astral gem representing the most "Anukul" planet (i.e. the most favourable and benefic planet) in your chart would be recommended that would help you in most of the important affairs. The "Anukul" planet means a planet that is beneficially disposed either by being strong in own sign, posited in good house, ruler of houses which will bring positive results, posited with or aspected by natural benefics and lords of good houses, having good Ashtakvarga status, or otherwise, not malefically disposed nor inclined to produce evil influence.

Each of the nine planets will be analyzed individually, in detail, checking their exaltation, dignity, combustion, shadbala, Natal Ashtakvarga status, benefic and afflictive aspects thereon etc., to finally arrive at "Overall Functional Beneficence" (OFB) values for all of the 9 planets. The comparison between these OFB values will finally make the base of recommendation to you for the most suitable astral gem. 

The Gemstone Consultation Report is primarily based on your Vedic birth-chart calculated for your birth-data (essentially date, time and place of birth).  The report will provide most comprehensive details of astrological reasoning and actual assessment of the planetary position in totality, while recommending gemstone.
The Ratna report analyzes status of various planets in your birth-chart, like their lordship (whether they are lords of good or evil houses?), their posited status (whether they are posited in good or bad houses?) to zero in onto your correct gemstones.
Detailed analysis of each of the planets is made - checking their exaltation, dignity, combustion, shadbala, Natal Ashtakvarga status, benefic and afflictive aspects thereon etc. etc.,
 The Ratna Recommendation Report will contain details of your "Janma-Ratna" (Life/ Birth-stone); "Punya-Ratna" (Lucky stone) and "Bhagya-Ratna" (Fortune stone) along with the concerned mantras to purify & energize each of these gem stones is included in the report. 
Details of gems which may be worn when a very specific prime objective is to be attained. These recommendations are meant to be followed in extreme necessity cases only.
Analysis conclusion to finally recommend you the Best Suitable Astral Gem after comparing the "Overall Functional Beneficence" values of various planets in your birth chart.
If having financial constraints, the report would also list the names of the alternate/ substitute gemstone.  They are somewhat cheaper than Jyotish quality primary gem.
You may also use the roots of planetary herbs related to concerned planets as alternates to suggested gem. Report will consist of complete details in this regard.
 It would warn about contradictory gems which are inimical or incompatible to your prescribed gem(s). 
Quotes from the Ancient Vedic scriptures about the utility of concerned gem.
What to look and what cautions you should apply while buying the recommended gem stone?
The recommended astral gem should be worn in an auspicious Muhurta, after properly energizing it with recommended mantra and other rituals. Report would contain elaborate instructions about:
- Recommended size/ weight of the gem.

- Metal of the ring.
- In which finger- the ring should be worn?
- When the ring should be worn?
- What you need to do to fully energize the gem?
- The Vedic Mantra to be recited
- Mantra recitation method and timing
- Details of Numeric "Yantra" for concerned planet.
For ensuring maximum Grace of concerned planet, how to propiate it's Nakshatra Lord. Mantra to propiate and to seek blessings of ruling deity of concerned planet's Nakshatra will also be listed.
According to Hindu astrology, some trees or plants are associated with each Nakshatra and worshiping their Nakshatra tree is believed to bring positive influence in life.  The "Nakshatra-Vriksha", The "Deity Vriksha" and The "Kshema Vriksha" related to suggested gem stone's Nakshatra will be listed and method of utilizing them will be told.
Table of the periods when Jyotish gem of concerned planet would be most effective.
Instructions concerning proper way of wearing the gem stone and its cleanliness.
Detailed instructions about Gem stone's care while bathing, traveling or storing.
Instructions and method to recharge/ rejuvenate your gem stone periodically.
Information about the primary "Tantric Chakra" which will specially get stimulated by wearing the suggested gemstone.
A real Astral Talisman ("Kavach") is composed of all 5 elements, i.e., gem for earth, herb for water, metal for fire, symbol for air, and cosmic number for space. This process of "Pancha-amrita" personal astral talisman making is also explained.
Detailed instructions as to how you may try the effects of suggested gemstone before buying or putting it on permanently.
The ratna report is of approximately 21-22 pages.
Identification of the most suitable Rudraksha as remedy for suppressing the ill effects of most malefic planet in your horoscope.
The report will be prepared by highly qualified Jyotish consultant (Shyam S Kansal) having over two decades of professional expertise ! He is one of the best known Vedic astrologer of modern times. If you patiently go through the contents and methodology of the report you will sincerely appreciate his work.