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After reciting suggested mantra, I have (yesterday) been offered a job in a coal mine to start in 2 weeks - although tough work it will be very lucrative and restore my finances to levels I have not experienced in many years. It was most unexpected since I have no mine experience ... and it is remarkable how the Divinity has showered blessings upon me. .

Jean M.
Sydney, Australia


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The power of Mantras & Shlokas has been acknowledged since time immemorial. A Mantra can consist of a powerful word or a combination of words and can be used for self realization, for freedom from worries, to fulfill one's desires, to ward off the effects of malefic planets, to bring you success, peace and contentment -- the range is truly vast. You can choose for yourself.
Only an experienced Jyotishi can identify the karmic issues related to each planet and determine which Vedic Planetary Mantra will be fruitful to an individual. These should never be recited on an experimental basis. They can cause more harm than good if not chosen wisely. Reciting the correct Mantra leads to peace and Prosperity. .  


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Mantras, being sacred sound vibrations, are composed of sacred syllables representative of and containing within great spiritual power, or energy. Utilising mantras allows us to concentrate and focus this spiritual energy. The mantras were perceived originally by the great seers or Rishis from the primeval or cosmic era and translated into definite syllables with rhythm and melody.

If appropriate Mantra recited correctly, in obeisance with prescribed methods and rules, and with complete faith and belief, create certain vibrations and cosmic energy, which result in fulfillment of desires. These mantras are the most sacred and powerful medium to attain almost about anything in life, whether it is wealth, education or wisdom.

Each Mantra has a different use, and only the right Mantra results in the right solution, since each Mantra creates its own vibrations or cosmic energy.
Scope and utility :

Why people are seeking Mantra?

Recitation or chanting of recommended Vedic planetary Mantra, with unwavering devotion and motivation, should help you in achieving significant accomplishment in all areas of your life. 
It would help you in achieving significant accomplishment in all areas of life. Recitation of proper Mantra will aid you in career, will enhance honour, fame and recognition. It will help you in getting appropriate professional rewards and promotions. 
The Mantra will energize you physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will feel inner peace and happiness after reciting the recommended Mantra.  The mantra will help to connect with the Divine presence within you and to remain calm in times of stress.
The recommended Mantra will be instrumental in removing any negative energy or obstacles to overall success, wealth, health, and happiness. It would promote your prospects for material wealth. The Mantra will help focus your energy for the prime purpose at the moment.
You would experience enhanced domestic bliss and marital harmony.
The approach and methodology:

Your personal Vedic Plantary Mantra is recommended after analyzing the nine planets, individually, in detail, checking their exaltation, dignity, combustion, shadbala, Natal Ashtakvarga status, benefic and afflictive aspects thereon etc., to finally arrive at "Overall Functional Beneficence" (OFB) values for all of the 9 planets. The comparison between these OFB values will finally make the base of my recommendation to you for the most suitable Vedic planetary mantra. 

"Overall Functional Beneficence" (OFB) values of various planets is arrived at after consolidation and quantification of various key astrological factors. It is, in fact, much more than just considering the house lordships of the various planets. My algorithm takes into consideration most of the principles told by sage Parashara in 'Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra' and also the principles recommended in other important Jyotish Classics, by various renowned Jyotish scholars, for determining the functional nature of different planets. Further, the importance of various considered astrological factors have been calibrated very carefully -- as told in ancient Vedic Jyotish texts.
The report would recommend mantras that would resonate with when you were born. It would be based on your Vedic birth-chart. 
The report would contain complete details of status of various planets in your birth-chart, like their lordship (whether they are lords of good or evil houses?), their posited status (whether they are posited in good or bad houses?).
The report would contain detailed analysis of each of the planets, checking their exaltation, dignity, combustion, shadbala, Natal Ashtakvarga status, benefic and afflictive aspects thereon etc.,
The report would provide analysis conclusion to finally recommend you the Personal Vedic Planetary Mantra after comparing the "Overall Functional Beneficence" values of various planets in your birth chart.
The recommended special name (nama) mantra for the concerned planet as preceded by it's Shakti or power mantra can be used to connect with the planetary deity and to energize all the higher powers of the best planet in your birth-chart.
You will be suggested some alternate mantras too, of the same planet, which are also considered very good for the planet concerned. You may opt to recite one of these mantras if you find one of them comparatively easy to remember and chant.
The report would have English translation of Sanskrit Mantra(s), wherever possible, to enable you to understand that what is being chanted.
Detailed guide-lines for chanting Mantras will be listed. You will truly know the precise way to use your personal mantra for the purpose of manifesting of goals, dreams, and desires, whether this means peace, love, prosperity, health, etc. 
Here you will find the authentic method of using mantra for the purpose of achieving heightened states of peace, awareness, clarity, wealth and prosperity, success, and more loving connections with others.
The report will be prepared by Shyam S Kansal himself, one of the best known Vedic astrologer of modern times, based in India.