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Rajdeep Bansal
 Astrological Suitability Index of The Eight Directions

Dear Rajdeep
Thank you very much for trusting in my astrological services and  giving me the opportunity to analyze your birth chart.

I have prepared this report for you on the basis of your Vedic birth-chart calculated for the following birth-data: 

Date of birth :

5th May 1975

Time of birth :

5:00 hrs (Zonal Standard Time in 24 hrs. format)

Place of birth :

Jalandhar (Punjab), India (031N19'00; 075E34'00)
ZST:  5:30 hrs ahead of GMT Applicable Day Light Saving Time (DST):  0.00 hr

As per the above birth-data, your Vedic (sidereal) ascendant is Aries ('Mesh'), the Vedic Moon sign ('Rashi') is Aquarius ('Kumbha') and Janma-nakshatra (birth-star) is Shatbhisha (pada-1). Please be reminded that do not confuse it with your tropical (Western) ascendant and tropical Moon-sign, which may be same or a sign higher (in your case, tropical ascendant is 'Aries').

A horoscope is like a map, it shows you the planetary placements as they were captured at a particular moment in time. The placement of the planets in the houses of your natal horoscope is dependent upon the physical location in space where you were born. Think of this as freezing the planets at that moment. Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky when and where you were born.

It really can make a difference where on the globe you live or work! Changing one’s locale can substantially change the prevailing conditions of one's life or career circumstances. The ancient tool of Vedic Jyotish can truly help a person in this matter.

In which matters this report is useful?

This report is especially useful while choosing the best place for higher education, career, business, romance, family, creativity, and overall spirituality. The report is also useful while planning to acquire "Things of permanent nature", such as, your own house or any other permanent property, lands etc. Directional suitability should be checked for completion of any undertaking of a long standing or permanent nature. You may find fame and glory coming to you in your strong and benefic directions.

The cardinal directions of planets in your horoscope:

In this report, the "Directional strengths", "Directional beneficence" and the cardinal directions of various planets in your horoscope have been calculated as per "Fixed Zodiac System" ("Sthirachakra") as enunciated in Jyotish classic "Prashnamarga".

The cardinal directions of planets in your horoscope are as follows:

          Directions |  Posited planets
          EAST       :  Sun, Mercury, Ketu
          SOUTH-EAST :  Venus, Saturn
          SOUTH      :                                         
          SOUTH-WEST :                                         
          WEST       :  Rahu
          NORTH-WEST :                                         
          NORTH      :  Moon, Mars
          NORTH-EAST :  Jupiter
In the following table, "Directional strength" and "Directional beneficence", both, of each of the eight directions have been calculated by two separate methods simultaneously, for your birth chart. The first method involves calculation of "Direction strength" and the second method calculates "Accrued planetary beneficence" for each direction due to placement of various functional benefic and malefic planets.
                           Direction    | Accrued beneficence|  NET   |
                       %Share  Strength |   Value   Percent  | RESULT |
          EAST       : 11.573 [ 36.75%] | -348.34 [  6.46%]  |  21.60%| 
          SOUTH-EAST :  9.347 [  4.96%] | -408.31 [  0.00%]  |   2.48%| 
          SOUTH      : 11.573 [ 36.75%] |    0.00 [ 50.00%]  |  43.38%| 
          SOUTH-WEST : 13.353 [ 62.19%] |    0.00 [ 50.00%]  |  56.09%| 
          WEST       : 12.240 [ 46.29%] |  -64.50 [ 41.94%]  |  44.11%| 
          NORTH-WEST : 13.353 [ 62.19%] |    0.00 [ 50.00%]  |  56.09%| 
          NORTH      : 15.579 [ 93.98%] |   27.61 [ 53.45%]  |  73.72%| 
          NORTH-EAST : 12.018 [ 43.11%] |  191.95 [ 73.99%]  |  58.55%| 

Green = Auspicious direction

Red = Inauspicious direction

(Rest of the directions are moderate)
** N O T E **
The directions should be considered from your "Birth-place". A detailed note about it is written at the end of this report.

The beneficence values for various planets are reached after intricate calculations for a horoscope which takes into consideration several principles for determining the functional nature of different planets, as benefics and malefics, as told by sage Parashara, and the principles told in various streams of Vedic Jyotish to measure the exact nature of the planets. The importance of various astrological parameters have been calibrated very carefully - as told in ancient Vedic Jyotish texts.  However, at times, some special Jyotish principles may over-shadow the net result obtained through the normally used Parashari principles to determine the beneficence of a planet. In such cases, these special principles have been found prevailing and they may reduce (or enhance) beneficence of a planet considerably. This report considers these special principles also.

In the first method, we have calculated the the "Directional strengths". The average share of each of the eight direction in "Directional strength" is 12.5% (i.e. 100/8 = 12.5%). If a direction gets higher share, its strength increases correspondingly and it becomes more beneficial for you. Directions receiving lesser share (less than 12.5%) should be avoided. Directions getting 12.5% share are just "Average in strength" (or, 50% strong). The above table shows both values, i.e., "Share%" and "Strength%". Both are inter-related. The strong directions (strength more than 50% in column "b") will yield success and prosperity to you. The results obtained through this method have been shown under columns (a) and (b) of the above table.

The second method measures "Directional beneficence" and is based on the principle found in Jyotish classic "Prashnamarg", which states that if a direction is otherwise strong and benefic planets are also associated with that direction, the prosperity knows no bounds for native in that direction. Through the second method, we have calculated the net planetary beneficence accumulated through various planets posited in that direction. The net "Directional beneficence" of each of the eight directions has been shown under column (c). The value range under this method is between -500 and +500. Thus a "zero" in column (c) is considered "Average Directional beneficence" (i.e., column "d" would show 50% beneficence) in this test. Higher positive values denote higher directional beneficence, and vice-versa. The directions, which accumulate high negative values, should be considered non-suitable and it will be very difficult for you to prosper in such directions. The results obtained through this method have been shown under columns (c) and (d) of the above table.

The conclusion is that the best suitable directions for you are those which are strong in “Directional strength” (above 50% in column "b") and also accumulate high positive values for "Directional beneficence" (above 50% in column "d"). Same way, the worst directions are those which are weak in “Directional strength” (below 50% in column "b") and also accumulate high negative values for "Directional beneficence" (below 50% in column "d").
The "Net result" of this whole analysis has been summarized under column  "e". Directions showing 50%, or above, under column "e", should be considered "auspicious" and vice-versa.
How to determine various directions?
As already mentioned above, all directions should be determined with reference to your "Birth-place" only. To determine direction of a place/ city or country, with reference to your birth-place, take a map of your city/ country/ World-map (as the case may be) and mark your birth-place as it’s central point. Now draw one horizontal and one vertical line crossing each other at 90 degrees angle exactly at this central-point (your birth place). These lines will denote four main directions - North, South, East and West; from your birth place. Now, sub-divide these four main directions again into 8 directions by drawing dividing lines at 45 degrees also. These additional lines will show North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West. Now you can easily verify the direction of cities/ countries of your interest on this map (from your birth-place), and check it’s suitability for career, education, business or residence purposes.

Permissible deviation from the exact latitude of a "Direction"

There are eight directions within 360 degrees and each direction is allotted 45 degrees equally. Thus you may safely deviate up to 22.50 degrees on both sides of exact line depicting the middle of a "direction".

Which CITY or COUNTRY would be "Most Suitable" in chosen direction?
In a suitable/benefic direction, there may be several cities/ countries. Not all the places would be equally suitable. The Vedic “Swara-shastra” based "Phonetic suitability analysis" is a great help in this regard. Vedic Numerology based following recommendations has been made after careful study of your birth chart. It is based on the vibratory resonance of each number and planetary rulership through nine primary numbers. The recommendations are completely based on Vedic Jyotish principles. It is neither based on your "Birth-date" nor on your "Sun-sign", as is usually done in popularly used Western numerology. Instead, it is based on the planetary configurations present in your birth-chart, and therefore, highly customized. It is quite different from Western numerology based reports in its approach. Though, planetary rulership through nine primary numbers and Chaldean (Kabbalistic) numeric equivalents to Roman alphabets are same. BUT, the similarity ends here. In Vedic numerology, we deal with numbers from one to nine, the seven luminaries, plus Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon. Every name is reduced to a single digit, so even if you get a compound number for a name, such as "Twenty one", when reduced to a single digit, becomes a "Three" (2+1="3").
The cities and countries, which return one of the primary root number among 2, 3, 9  in their names and are also situated in your benefic direction, as told above, will remain more suitable for you than the cities and countries which, though, are situated in your benefic direction but are returning one of the primary root number among 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in their name.
You may calculate primary root numbers of desired cities or countries from the following Chaldean master table of numbers:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
J R L T N W    
Q   S   X      

Master table of Chaldean numerology

 Shown on the left is the master table of Chaldean numerology. Letters are assigned numeric values, from 1 to 8, based on their vibrational value (and not in the sequence of alphabets). The number 9 is considered "sacred" and is not assigned to any letter.


For example, primary root numbers of few cities have been calculated below:
                464211  = 18 = 9 (root number NINE)
                NEW YORK
                556 1722  = 28 = 1 (root number ONE)
                SAN FRANCISCO
                315 821531337  = 42 = 6 (root number SIX)
This way, you may calculate primary root number for name of any place with the help of above table.
I will really appreciate your feedbacks in future about the effects felt by you due to adopting my recommendation concerning suitability of eight directions. Your strong and auspicious directions would help you in achieving significant accomplishment in all areas of life. Those directions will keep you in good health, aid you in career/business, will enhance honour, fame and recognition. Auspicious directions enhance domestic harmony and conjugal bliss (if married). Your strong and auspicious directions will energize you physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will feel inner peace and happiness in those directions.
Wishing you very best in your life. May Jupiter's grace shine on you !! 

Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)

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