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A "Personality Profile" provides an in-depth analysis of the basic disposition and behavior of a new born child, based on astronomical positions calculated from the birth-data you provide. This analysis enables parents to gain better understanding of their little bundle of joy. With increased knowledge of child's personality and inherent astrological signatures, parents can make better decisions and take reasonable precautions and remedial measures so that their child can lead a happier and healthier life, closer to the natural way of things.

Price:  INR 5,000   /  USD $ 100

The report provides readings concerning following aspects of child's life:
Nature, Temperament and Physical characteristics
Learning and Education
What makes child special?
The Way - child will act
The things - child may love
Wealth & Property
Home & Away
The Good & Bad colours for child
Some Dos and Dont's
The "Yantra" to ward off evils
Directional un-suitability among the eight directions