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At times we tend to get entrapped into such dilemmatic situations that we ourselves do not know what difficulties we might have to face in the near future. At such times we are desperately in need of someone who may guide us to the correct path. You may also have noticed these are the times when we donít even feel to take the advice of our own near and dear ones as they may not be impartial enough. Here arises the need of right astrological counseling.

During my continuous endeavors of providing the most reliable astrological services to my most valued clients/visitors, I, along with few of my clients, have often felt there is a need of life long contact with them.

As a response to above said need, I have introduced this service, specially designed for fulfilling the need for prolonged life long relationships with my clients and exchange of their heart felt thoughts, through Personalized Counseling Sessions.

Through this service, you will be able to avail the following facilities:
Sign up for the 41-day counseling session by payment of a one-time petty amount.
Share your difficulties and crisis with me (Shyam).
Have my continuous astrological guidance for next 41-days.
Receive the valuable advice of renowned Vedic astrologer, who will guide your way out of the difficult critical situations that come in your way from time to time. Shyam will also advice on opting for an astrological remedy to enhance the impact of positive actions or to neutralize the effect of negative ones.
For a period of 41 days from the date of signing up, you avail the correspondence with Shyam as many number of times as you desire.
After the termination of the sign up period you can extend your counseling service for another 30 days, by just signing up again.

The objective of this service is to assist you in knowing the situations around you and co-relating them with your astral signatures, so as to enable you to take the right action in order to allow your destiny to extend its helping hand and let the powers within you recognize the joy of existence. The final choice of action will ultimately rest on you. No astrologer or counselor can do that for you.



Sign-up Fee for 41-days counseling service by email



Renewal Fee for another 30 days 3,200


How you may sign-up for this service?
Write to us. Upon receipt of your mail, we shall send you an invoice through PayPal or our default secured payment gateway for the required amount. You may then pay through your credit card. There are several other payment options too (like Western Union Money Transfer, Cash deposit to bank account etc.). Click here for details of other payment options.

Time of birth: It is quite possible that you may not know your exact time of birth. Please try to give as near time as as possible. If, even that is not possible then at least try to indicate whether it is AM or PM. Shyam will then send you some leading questions about your personal characteristics and important events in your life (with approximate date of occurrences). Your answer to these questions will then help Shyam to ascertain the astrologically valid time of your birth.