Marry'd in haste, we oft repent at leisure.


The Timing of Marriage
Know the probable period of your marriage

Knowing the probable period of marriage


Timing of marriage


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The timing of marriage is judged by planetary transits, Dasas and Ashtakavarga method. Marriage can take place when the yoga karka planets operate as dasa or bhukti. The dasa and bhukti of the 7th lord or the planets with it or Venus are favourable for marriage.

Lagna and 2nd lord dasas are also significators for marriage. The 9th and 10th lord, when they operate as dasa bhukti reciprocally or when Jupiter crosses the lagna lord in the navamsa chart,. these are all trigger times for marriage.
In this report, we analyze each concerned astrological factor, which have any role to play in timing of marriage, in very minute detail before reaching a logical conclusion as per the tenets described by our ancient seers. The basic underlying principle is that concerning houses, their lords and natural significator planets should be strong and without afflictions for an early/ timely and happy marriage. Vice-versa, if concerned planets are weak, afflicted or combust, they fail to deliver marriage during their operating dashas. Similarly, if concerned houses and their lords are weak or afflicted, marriage may be distant or denied.
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Marriage/ Married life related yogas in your chart
Check natal promises about your own "Quality of conjugal life"
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