Marry'd in haste, we oft repent at leisure.


Vedic Astrology and Marriage





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Consultations about Love, marriage and relationship related issues
Consultations about compatibility related issues
The Timing of Marriage - detailed report
Check natal promises about your own "Quality of conjugal life"
The Dreaded Mangal-dosha
Are you "Mangali"? If yes, what's the exact "dosha" intensity?

Horoscope   Compatibility
Ashtkoot compatibility
Mangal-dosha intensity comparison
Ashtakvarga compatibility of two Moons
Compatibility between other important pillars of two charts
Multi-angle in-depth analysis of a matrimonial proposal
Check for "Visha Kanya dosha" in prospective spouse's chart
"Best Time" for a matrimonial-interview
Marriage/ Married life related yogas in your chart
Remedial measures for "Happy" married-life
Enhanced Relationship Analysis Report - real issues and problems
Astrological probabilities about your future spouse (Personality, career, direction, name syllable etc)
Muhurta fixation for marriage ceremonies
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Vedic Astrology and Marriage


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A Good wife is heaven's  
 last, best gift to man  
his gem of many virtues,  
 his casket of jewels,her  
 voice is sweet music, her  
 smiles his brightest day,  
her arms the pate of his  
 safety, her industry his  
 surest wealth,her economy  
 his safest steward, her lips  
 his faithful counsellors,her  
 bosom the softest pillow of  
 his cares.

  ....  Jeremy Taylor

YOUR eyes met...WOW! It was love at first sight. Everything was wonderful. You began dating, seeing each other more and more. It was electric, even magical! Soon, you both decided to become a twosome and to spend forever together; in time, you took the big step and vowed to honour and love one another exclusively. Happily together, the days, weeks, months--perhaps a few years--pass; then, for you two (and too many other couples) things seem to go downhill and one (or both) starts to wonder what happened to the former thrill, excitement and harmony. You may feel love is slipping away, that it even may be dying! Who is most at fault; which one is mainly to blame? Does it really matter? Will name-calling and finger-pointing help if one or both of you sincerely desires to do something positive to keep love alive and the relationship intact? Basic astrological principles, applied constructively by you or (hopefully) you and your mate, can provide valuable help for breathing new life and harmony into your ailing partnership.