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 Ashtakvarga compatibility of the Moons 
of Siddhant and Saloni

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Salient features of this report:
The 'Ashtakvarga' is recognized as an outstanding system of prediction among the several systems advocated in the standard works on Vedic astrology. It has been commended as the best and the most indispensable key, so that all predictions have to be made only after a consideration of the Ashtakvarga. This system, devised by the great seers, accomplishes the complex task of handling the intricate web of matrix generated by interactive planetary positions, with admirable aesthetics and commendable ease. This system has a certain originality parallel of which is not found in any other system, anywhere else in the world. The following relationship analysis makes extensive use of this system.
The Moon has got utmost importance in relationship matters. It is a 'Sattvic' or spiritual planet. It gives faith, love, openness, surrender, devotion, peace and happiness. It shows where we place our love, care, general affection and friendship in life. The Moon shows our capacity to receive and to be affected, but it also indicates our capacity to be hurt. It is the most easily hurt of the planets and indicates our general vulnerability. It represents our subconscious, mind (not intellect) and perceptions that are the cause of our feelings/emotions, mental attitude, psychology, memory, intuition, instincts, imagination, sensitivity, dependence, home, domestic life, nurturance, comforts, femininity, fertility, birthing process, parenting, general happiness & peace of mind.
Compatibility check as per Ashtakvarga principle no.1:
As per Ashtakvarga principles, we should find out the sign in our birth-charts, in which, the Moon has got maximum points. The persons (of opposite gender) born under this sign (Ascendant or Moon sign) shall be the best suitable candidates to become spouse for the native. Avoid the persons who are born under your weak sign. The Moon's beneficence is measured on a scale of zero to eight points. Four points are considered as 'optimum' for this test. The Moon's beneficence cross-check, in each other's Moon-signs, indicate level of subconscious feelings and emotions for each other. However, Moon's beneficence cross-check, in each other's Ascendant-signs, will indicate level of 'shown' love and affection, showered by the couple on each other. For a successful relationship, importance of inner feelings and displayed affection, both, can not be over-emphasized.

'Chandraashtak' of Siddhant has 5 points in Aquarius, which is the Moon sign of Saloni. Astrologically, it signifies that Saloni is born under a fairly strong Moon sign of Siddhant's chart. It indicates that Saloni will remain fairly helpful to Siddhant. Siddhant's Moon has got 5 points in Saloni's Ascendant sign(Capricorn).

'Chandraashtak' of Saloni has 5 points in Aries, which is the Moon sign of Siddhant. Astrologically, it means that Siddhant is born under a fairly strong Moon sign of Saloni's chart. It indicates that Siddhant will remain fairly helpful to Saloni. Saloni's Moon has got 7 points in Siddhant's Ascendant sign (Pisces).

Compatibility check as per Ashtakvarga principle no.2:
Another Ashtakvarga principle, for a happy marriage, is that the moon sign of the bride and the groom should both have more than 30 benefic points in each other's horoscope. 26 to 30 points are considered 'optimum'. This cross-check indicates level of general compatibility between two persons. Higher the score for Moon-signs of both the persons, greater the general happiness and peace of mind.
Sarvaashtak total in Siddhant's chart for Saloni's Moon sign (Aquarius) is 31 and Sarvaashtak total in Saloni's chart for Siddhant's Moon sign (Aries) is 37.

A note at the end

Report prepared by:
Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)